Виртуалная екскурсия по парку царицыно

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The Mуstical Tsaritsyno Park. Our Route. The Big GladeThere are many legends about the big glade, but the best legend is about the Bazhenov’s ghost. After Bazhenov had died, architect Kazakov and natives saw the ghost, whish came on the big glade, sat under the pine-tree and sang a strange melody. People got be afraid of the glade, but builders couldn’t do anything, because there were tents, where they lived. Sometime later, one of the builders hung himself in his tent. The ParkThere are no legends about the park, but there is an underground under this forest and because of this the electricity is turned off and metro sometimes stops. When architect Kazakov was alive, workers saw the ghost of a young woman roaming through this park. It was the ghost of Maria Kantemirova, who had cursed this place. The PondsAt first glance, there are nothing special in this ponds, but Bazhenov put in his love for masonry. The shapes of the little islands, form masonic symbols. Moreover, one of the legend says that there are water sovereigns in the ponds, but they haven’t shown up for a long time. The Mermaid’s GateThe legend says that when builders were erecting this gate, they saw a very beautiful young woman go out from the water. She said: «This gate will be here eternally. It cursed like all this district. But all good energy is here, because the water sovereigns protect the gate. And everyone who has a secret wish can come here and pass through it. Sometime later your wish will come true… Don’t try to destroy it. All Grotesque BridgesThe grotesque buildings make a special group. They arose because of impression from the grotesque palace ensemble of Bazhenov and Kazakov. To our time, Big and Small grotesque bridges have been preserved. They are thrown over the «dry» ravine between «Nerastyrkino» and «Tserera’s temple». Light and music fountain is the main sight of Tsaritsyno Park. Of course, Bazhenov didn’t plan the fountain, but it is the integral part of the park now. The Fountain The Tower-RuinThe tower-ruin is one of the most romantic places in Tsaritsyno. It’s situated near «Milovida». It’s reproduce a part of an ancient fortress wall with a corner tower.«Antiquity» of the building is emphasized with the crude masonry and white-stone carved detail. Tower-ruin makes a great view on itself. The building reproduces the corner tower and the parts of the tumbledown fortress wall in miniature. First, the open-work belvedere with the steeple finishes the tower with the gothic doorway and lattice windows. Stairs to the belvedere is constructed along the crest of the wall so the stairs were named «The Devil’s Stairs» in XIX century. Nowadays the tower has lost the belvedere, edges of each walls and almost all footsteps. And rock-climbers continue destroy it because they use this place for their trainings. The ConclusionI wish you like our unusual journey through Tsarytsino Park! Now you know how much legends and places to wish something are here… I think you agree with me that Bazhenov was the master of his work!

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