Знаменитые люди 2

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“All children are talented. You’ll understand it if you work hard.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Useful questionsWhat’s your name? Have you got a hobby? Have you got a family? Can you swim? What’s your full name? How old are you? Have you got a pet? Shakira’s factsFull name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.Is from: Barranquilla, South America.Date of birth: 2nd February 1977.Family: Four brothers and four sisters.Hobbies: painting and listening to music.She can: speak five languages, dance and sing. Do you know?In 2007 Shakira got MTV award. Prince William is from the United Kingdom.His birthday is on 21st July.His brother is Prince Harry.Queen Elizabeth is his grandmother.His hobbies are playing football and swimming.He can paint, ski and ride motorbikes. Do you know?He took part in sport competitions and he was the leader of rugby team. Do you know?In 1970 he was the champion in judo. HOMEWORKPrepare fact profile about A.Pushkin.Prepare information about A.Pushkin.Prepare an interview with A.Pushkin.

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