Знаменитые русские актёры

МБОУ гимназия «Эврика»
Ассоциированная школа ЮНЕСКО
Краевая экспериментальная площадка
Открытый урок
по английскому языку.
Тема урока:
«Знаменитые русские актеры»

Викторова Жанна Славиковна.
353410 Россия,
Краснодарский край
г-к Анапа ул. Ленина 169 А Телефон\Факс: (86133) 4-02-8
г. – к. Анапа
- образовательная: обучение монологической и диалогической речи;
- воспитательная: знакомство с культурой России, развитие интереса к культурному наследию родной страны;
- развивающая: расширение кругозора учащихся.
Интерактивная доска, компьютер, проектор

1 Организационный момент. (слайд 1 )

Good afternoon, dear guests.
Good afternoon, dear students.
We are going to speak about famous Russian actors and actresses. We’ll remember famous Russian films .The aim of our lesson is to know more about Great Russian actors, their life, works and biography.

Ход урока:
1. Dear students please look at the screen and try to guess the names of these famous Russian actors. Do you remember the films where they acted? (слайд 2)

2. Some of the students prepared interesting reports about these famous people. Please, speak about them, but don’t name the person .And students will try to guess the names of the actors.

3. Please, look at the screen and name these famous actresses. Can you remember the films where they acted? (слайд 3)

4 .Please, give some information about them.

5. Match the actors’ names with the names of the films where they acted. (слайд 4)
Ex: Y. Nikulin acted in Brilliant Arm etc.

6. Please, look at the screen and find the odd film, the film where the actor did not act. (слайд 5)
Ex: The odd film is …Guseva did not act in it.

7. Let us remember the meaning of these adjectives. Try to describe the actors using the adjectives. (слайд 6)

8. Dear students, look at the screen. Here you can see the list of the best
Russian actors by the opinion of the teens of our gymnasium. (слайд 7)

9. Please, remember the types of the films and match them with the names of the films. (слайд 8)

Here you can see the best Russian films by the opinion of the teens of our gymnasium. (слайд 9)

Please, try to characterize the films. Name their types.
10. Dear students, try to guess the names of the jobs which are common in the cinema world. (слайд 10)
1) The person who writes the script.
2) The person who chooses the actors.
3) The collective name for the actors in the film.
4) The most important acting role.
5) A subsidiary acting role.
6) A well-known actor or actress in the cinema pictures.
7) A person who finances a film.
8) The person who decides how a film is made.
9) The person who operates the camera.
10) The audio element of a film.
11) The names of people involved, which appear of the screen at the end of a film.
12) The first showing of a new cinema film.
12. Dear students, our lesson is coming to its end. And now ,I want you to say what is your favourite Russian actor and why ?What is your favourite Russian film ?

13 .Dear students, thank you for your excellent work. You were very active. Well done. Good bye.

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