Зодиац елеменц 2

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What do you know about ZODIAC SIGNS? ZODIAC CHART DO YOU KNOW WHICHZODIAC SIGN YOU BELONG TO?DO YOU KNOW YOUR ELEMENT? CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 20 AQUARIUS JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 19 PISCESFEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20 ARIES MARCH 21 – APRIL 20 TAURUS APRIL 21-MAY 21 GEMINI MAY 22 – JUNE 21 CANCERJUNE 22 – JULY 23 LEO JULY 24 – AUGUST 23 VIRGO AUGUST 24 – SEPTEMBER 23 LIBRA SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 23 SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 22 SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 23 – DECEMBER 21 EARTH ELEMENTS TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN AIR ELEMENTS GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS WATER ELEMENTSCANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES FIRE ELEMENTS ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS DISCOVER QUALITIES OF ZODIAC SIGNS{21E4AEA4-8DFA-4A89-87EB-49C32662AFE0}Match the signs in each group with their descriptionsTAURUSAThey're authority figures constantly marching, shaking their fingers, and saying things like "Better not," "Shouldn't," and "Let's not rush into this"VIRGOBThey're responsible, reliable, honest as they come, practical as the day is long, and not afraid of hard workCAPRICORNCThey’re troubleshooters . It exercises discrimination because its job is to analyze and suggest remedies to problems. This sign is also wonderful at lists and schedulesGEMINIAThey’re associated with balance and harmony. It's their job to restore balance, create harmony, and cooperate with all. They’re experts at behavior that's pleasing to others. Their real work is to see both sides of a situation, weigh the options, and keep their inner balance by remaining honestLIBRABThey insist on creating their own rules, fighting city hall whenever possible, and deliberately breaking tradition. They adore change, especially of the sudden kindAQUARIUS CThey’re experts at duality. They display at least two distinct sides of their personalities at all times. They're changeable, even fickle, and wonderfully curious DISCOVER QUALITIES OF ZODIAC SIGNS{21E4AEA4-8DFA-4A89-87EB-49C32662AFE0}Match the signs in each group with their descriptionsCANCERAThey can be relentless, obsessive, and jealous, so they feel things deeply and forever. Give them what they crave: the opportunity to experience life-and-death situations. They're wells of limitless energySCORPIOBThey see the best in any person or situation—but when reality steps in they sometimes can be disappointed. They are the romantics of the zodiac. Let them dream in healthy waysPISCESCThis Moon-ruled sign rules the home, family, motherhood, and children. It's also in charge of emotions. The problem with Cancer planets is that they often become needy or unable to function unless they feel someone or something is dependent on them. They are moodyARIESAThey want to shine, and you can use them to perform. Their specialties are entertaining, having fun, and making big entrances and exits. They love drama. Occasionally they may forget others. They will attract attention even when they don't necessarily want itLEOBThey’re not known for their patience. In fact, they hate waiting more than anything. There are no obstacles in their mind. There's only where they are and where they want to be, and the shortest distance between those two points is a straight line. They are brave, courageous, impetuous and direct.SAGITTARIUSCThey tend to have terminal case of the grass-is-greener syndrome. They are adventurous, bored by routine, generous, and optimistic to a fault. They can also be excessive, tending to overdo and overindulge. They adore foreign places, foreign people, maps, and outdoor activities. EARTH ELEMENTS {F5AB1C69-6EDB-4FF4-983F-18BD219EF322}PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUPPOSITIVE QUALITIESNEGATIVE QUALITIES AIR ELEMENTS{7DF18680-E054-41AD-8BC1-D1AEF772440D}PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUPPOSITIVE QUALITIESNEGATIVE QUALITIES WATER ELEMENTS{00A15C55-8517-42AA-B614-E9B94910E393}PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUPPOSITIVE QUALITIESNEGATIVE QUALITIES FIRE ELEMENTS{21E4AEA4-8DFA-4A89-87EB-49C32662AFE0}PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUPPOSITIVE QUALITIESNEGATIVE QUALITIES QUALITIES AND CHARACTERISTICS ASSOSIATED WITH YOUR SIGN {93296810-A885-4BE3-A3E7-6D5BEEA58F35}ELEMENTEARTHAIRWATERFIRE SIGNTAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORNGEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUSCANCER, SCORPIO, PISCESARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUPQUALITIES SHARED BY ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP

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