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What date is it today?What day of the week is it today?What season is it?What is the weather like today?What do you enjoy doing in such weather?We are talking about animals
The natural world needs our help, so we need yours. Join us and support our mission to conserve wild animals and their habitats on a global scale.You may help:membership (£56); fellowship (making a direct contribution to our scientific and conservation work); volunteering at one of our Zoos.http://www.zsl.org/membership/zsl-fellowship Founded in 1826, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is an international scientific, conservation and educational charity whose mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.Our mission is realized through our groundbreaking science, our active conservation projects in more than 50 countries and our two Zoos, ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.Guiding Principles:Respecting and valuing animals and the natural world (Our belief is that a diverse and healthy natural world is valuable in its own right and is essential for ensuring secure and healthy lives for people).Inspiring conservation action (We seek to motivate others to take conservation action in their daily lives). Let’s remember the history of London ZooWhen did exotic animals appear in Great Britain for the first time?Where did animals live?What did the King of Norway present Henry III with?Who was given the first zebra to come to Britain?What animals attracted people to London Zoo after 1839?Where were the animals moved to?Where is the zoo situated now? Tell about your visit to the zooNot long ago (last month, two weeks ago)I was at the zoo. I saw many animals (birds) there. I liked bears (monkeys, foxes, wolves, tigers, deer (олени) , lynxes (рыси), raccoons (еноты), badgers (барсуки), squirrels (белки) most of all because they are (full of fun, beautiful, lively, funny). I would like to go to the zoo once again as I like to watch animals. If I were the director of the zoo, I would… to feed animals wellto buy new animalsto repair animals’ cagesto create a wild animals’ parkto move the zoo to the countryto close the zoo

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