Внеклассное мероприятие 5 класс

«Алтарикская средняя общеобразовательная школа».
Внеклассное мероприятие
на тему: «The ABC party»
Составила и провела
учитель английского
языка: Кондакова Екатерина
с.Алтарик2009 год
Тема: “The ABC party”.
Актуализация фонетических и графических навыков.
Совершенствование умений выразительного чтения стихотворений.
Закрепление лексических умений.
Развитие восприятия и понимания речи учителя и старших учеников.
Оборудование: маски с буквами алфавита, костюмы для инсценировок, музыкальный центр.
Ход праздника.
Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls! Welcome to our ABC party! There are a lot of us! And who is coming?
(Появляется буква А).The letter A: Hello, I am the letter A. A is for alphabet and for ABC. Can you say the alphabet from A to Z?
Children: Yes, we can. A,B,C,D…Z.
The letter A: Do you know how many letters there are in the English alphabet?
Children: There are twenty-six letters.
Teacher: And now our children will recite the poems about the letter A and her friends.
Pupil 1(держит яблоко): A is for apples and for apple – trees. You can see apples on apple – trees.
Pupil 2: B is for books in my bookcase. I have many books in my bookcase.
Teacher: The letter B will sing you a little Scottish song. It`s about a girl`s friend called Bonnie.
My Bonnie.My Bonnie is over the ocean,
My Bonnie is over the sea,
My Bonnie is the ocean,
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.
Pupil 3: C is for cat. My cat is grey,
And with me it likes to play.
Pupil 4: D is for dog and for doggy.
I have a dog, not a doggy.
Pupil 5: E is for eight and for eleven.
How much is eight and eleven?
Teacher: Can you count? How much is eleven plus eight?
Children: Eleven plus eight is nineteen.
(Входит буква F).The letter F: Flowers here, flowers there,
Flowers growing everywhere.T: Who are you?
The letter F: I am the letter F.
F is for flowers; red and blue,
White and yellow and rosy, too.T: But I think F is for family.
My family.My family is Emily.
I have got a family,
I have got a father,
I have got a mother,
I have got a sister,
I have got a brother,
I have got a grandfather,
I have got a grandmother.
My name is Emily.
I love my family.
The letter G: Look at me! I am the letter G.
G is for girl and also for a garden and for gingerbread man.
The letter H: I am the letter H.
H is for hand. I have two hands.
This is the way I clap my hands.
The letter H: How many hands has a boy say?
How many hands for work and play?
How many hands has a girl, say?
How many hands for work and play?
Children: two!
(Входят буквы I, J, K, L, M.)The letter I: Ice – cream starts with the letter I,
But I think, I is for I.
I am a boy, and I am ten.
I like to play with my brother Ben.
The letter J (держит баночку с джемом):
J is for jam. This is an apple jam.
Jimmy likes it and so does Sam.
The letter K (демонстрирует воздушного змея):
K is for kite. Kate has a kite.
It is little and it is white.
My kite is white, my kite is light,
My kite is in the sky.
Now left, now right
We fly the kite,
We fly it, you and I.
The letter L: I see a big yellow lion, a big yellow lion!
What a big yellow lion!
What a lion, what a lion!
L is for lions!
The letter M: I am the letter M.
M is for a mouse. (Надевает маску мыши).
Инсценировка стихотворения:
Cat: Little mouse, little mouse,
Come into my house!
Mouse: Little cat, little cat,
I do not do that.
You want to eat me!
(Кошка и мышка уходят. На смену им приходят буквы N, O.)The letter N: N is for numbers
N is for nine, ninety and ninety-nine.
Children, how much is ninety and nine?
Children: Ninety – nine.
The letter O: O is for one. One and two is three.
Three little cats are in a tree.
Let`s count all together!
Children: One, one, one, Little dogs run.
Two, two, two, cats see you.
Three, three, three, birds in a tree. Four, four, four, toys on the floor.(Выходят буквы P, Q).The letter P: I am the letter P.
P is for puppy.
Puppy, puppy, come to me,
Let us play under the tree.
The letter Q (держит большой знак вопроса):
I am the letter Q.
Q is for questions: How are you?
How old are you? And how do you do?
The letter R: I am the letter R.
R is in brown,
Grey and green, too,
But not in White,
Yellow or Blue.Pupil1: “What is brown?”
Asks little Ann.
“My hat is brown”,
Says little Dan.
Teacher: What things can be brown, grey, green?
Children: Brown – a bear, a skirt, a hat, a coat, a monkey.
Grey – a mouse, a cat, a wolf, a pencil. Green – a frog, a crocodile, a tree, a leaf.The letter S: Street begins with the letter “S”.
S is for street. This is my street!
Мальчик – полицейский:
Stop! Look! Listen!
Before you cross the street.Use your eyes, use your feet.
(Появляются буквы T, U, V, X, Y.)
The letter T (держит часы):
T is for tick and for tock.
“Tick – tock”, says the clock.
What is it?
It can tell you all the day:
Time to sleep and time to play.Children: The clock.
The letter U: U is for under, but not for at.
“I am under the tree”, says Pat.
Little children, come to me.
Let us play under the tree.
The letter V (держит корзину с овощами ):
V is for vegetables! This is the season
When vegetables grow. I come to the garden
And make water flow.
The letter W: W is for Where? When? Who? And What? Who is in the garden and
Who is not?
Pupil 2: Oh, where, oh, where
Can our John be?
He is not here,
He is not there,
Oh, where, oh, where
Can our John be?
The letter X: X is in six. Let`s count up to six!
Children: One, two, three, four, five, six!
The letter Y: Y is for yard where children play.
They play in the yard every day.
Our yard is your yard,
Welcome to our yard!
Teacher: And Y is for Yankee Doodle. Let`s sing the song about Yankee Doodle.
Yankee Doodle.Yankee Doodle came to town,
Riding on a pony.They stuck a feather
In his cap and
Called him Macaroni.Yankee Doodle doodle doo,
Yankee Doodle dandy
All the lasses think
He`s sweet,
As sweet as sugar candy.The letter Z: Tomorrow on Sunday we go to the zoo.
Tomorrow, tomorrow we go to the zoo.
There is a giraffe there and zebra too,
A bear and a monkey and a kangaroo.Teacher: Now we know the alphabet.
Все буквы: We can read, we can write,
We can speak English, too.
We love learning English!
And what about you?Teacher: Let`s sing the Alphabet Song!
Все зрители и участники поют песенку про алфавит.

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