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Keeping of a day regime Makes your life more regular. It helps you to organize yourself. You have more time for rest and leisure activities. It makes you healthier because you have more time for sleeping either. Especially you need it during your exams. Training your organism It helps you not to be ill. You can avoid many problems. Even if you are ill you will be good quicker and easier. Useful and healthy habits Airing the room It helps you to avoid colds. Air your room for 15 minutes every day. If you have allergy do it twice a day with wet cleaning of your flat. Going in for sport It is very useful for us. Nowadays our life is too dynamic and nervous and so sport helps to relax. For example, jogging is good for your heart, swimming is good for your arms, cycling is good for your legs and so on. Water procedures You should do it every day. It makes you feel clean, better and healthier. If you are nervous take a warm bath. A warm bath or shower helps you to sleep. This is so hygienic and pleasant. Healthy sleep It’s the best way of rest. You should sleep not less than 8 hours a day. Go to bed and wake up at the same time even at weekends. There are a lot of ways which can help you to sleep, one of them is to drink a cup of hot milk and honey. Morning exercises If you have no time to take up sport regularly morning exercises are just for you. It helps you to keep your fitness and to be in a good form. Walking Helps you to relax, to loose your weight, to breath the fresh air. You have time not to be hurry, to think, to talk. It’s very healthy to do it after dinner and before going to bed. Carrot has a lot of vitamin A, so it is good for your eyes and it helps to grow. Cucumber is very high in iodine and potassium. It’s good for your heart and vessels; makes your memory and appetite better. You need it if you play sports. Tomato is very useful for your heart ; blood. It helps your stomach and intestines to work better and strengthen your organism. Fish has much phosphorus and iodine. It is very good for you and prevents from diseases of the thyroids gland. Is highly useful for us first of all it has a of antioxidants and helps to be younger and healthier. It is very good during a hot summer and it strengthens your organism. Are rich in special substances which prevent you from colds and many other diseases. Pumpkin is full of vitamins and minerals. Eat it when you have problems with your intestines. It’s called “The vitamin of joy.” It can strengthen you and prevent from stress. Chocolate is extremely useful for your brain and memory. It’s very healthy for us it is a substitution of sugar. Honey is very good for your skin and muscles. Also it’s useful for your organism in whole. Caviar is useful for blood, it increases the amount of your hemoglobin and makes you stronger. Useless or harmful food products Coffee A lot of coffee affects your heart, nerves and liver. It prevents you from sleeping. Avoid drinking coffee in the second part of the day or before going to bed. Fizzy drink These drinks are absolutely bad for you. No one useful component, but a lot of gas, coloring matters and sugar. Coke can affect your child-birth organs. Chewing-gum Gum is not useful. It’s not bad to chew it, but not much then 15-20 minutes. If you chew it more chewing-gum makes your stomach work without food and this fact damages it. Sweets There is a lot of sugar in this food and when you eat it much, it ruins your teeth. As this products have a great number of carbohydrates and calories, they can lead you to obesity. Ice-cream also can affect your throat and stomach. Tin foods They are rich in conservators, stabilizers, reconstructors of color, ingredients intensifying the taste and some others which are not useful or even bad for you, so try to eat this food not very often. Potato crisps They are high in fat, carcinogens, salt, additions (often spicy) and calories. They cause gastric problems and obesity. Salt Salt is necessary for your organism, but when you use it very much it damages your joins. Because sedimentation of salt. Eggs They are full of cholesterol, so eggs are harmful for vessels and heart, especially fried eggs. So don’t eat a lot of them. Butter Butter has cholesterol and can give you problems with your heart and vessels, If you eat it too much. Overweight people should avoid to eat butter very often. Tomato sauce There are few natural ingredients, but much conservators and coloring matters. It may be very spicy and salty. Fried and smoked meat It’s full of cholesterol, carcinogens and fat especially pork. You should eat it very carefully if you have blood pressure, obesity, sore liver, diabetes, heart diseases. Sausage Sausage, especially smoked, is harmful for you. It’s high in cholesterol and calories. Usually, there are different additions bad for stomach and nitrates. People with chronic lung and gastric diseases should avoid this food

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