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Healthy way of lifeУчитель английского языка Петрова Аэлита Александровна To be healthy is very important. You can work, learn, and have fun only when you are healthy. Health is man’s greatest wealth. The modern concept of health is defined as the general physical , mental , and emotional ability to function effectively and in harmony with one's environment . If you are ill, nothing seems nice. HEALTHEnvironment 20% Heredity 20%Medical Service 10% Individual Lifestyle 50% To become a healthier person, you should follow some rules: 1Get a lot of sleep. Sleep is food for the brain. If you sleep little, you will look bad, feel bad and work poorly. Teens need about 9 hours of sleep every night. 2Eat healthy food. Healthy eating habits are very important for our health. A balanced diet should include different kinds of products, such asDairy products: milk, cheese, cottage cheese, sour-creamMeat: pork, mutton, lamb, poultry, beefFruit: peaches, pineapples, oranges, bananasVegetables: beetroots, cauliflower, peаs, pepper, cabbage, leek, onionsGrains: bread, wheat, corn, buckwheat 3You should try to eat more homemade food and less junk food or fast food. People, who eat fast food, can become overweight. Fast food has a lot of additives, flavorings and preservatives. 4Do exercises. To be healthy and fit a person should exercise more. It’s possible to lose weight and become fitter just doing regular exercises. You can jog every morning or do stretching exercises in the evening. 5Say no to addictions. There are two types of addiction – substance addiction and behavioral addiction. People can become addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sniffing glue or petrol. They can also be addicted to gambling or playing computer games. As for me, I have no bad habits as I understand: the more you care about your health, the longer you will live. At last… Healthy people!

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