Зож 8класс

9 класс ( Здоровый Образ Жизни)
Заполни пропуски недостающими словами. Используй предложенные.
Vitamins , healthy, proteins, fish , to grow, butter, diet, fat, sweet, energy, carbohydrates, milk, dangerous, fruits, vegetables, brad , minerals.
To be….it is important to have a balanced… in other words, food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food. These groups are …. , ……. and ….. . You can find proteins in lots of food for example … and ….It helps your body …..
Fat gives you…. But do not eat a lot of fat it is…for you. Carbohydrates give you more than 70% of your energy. ….. , …… , …….. all contain lots of carbohydrates.
…. , ….. and brown bread all have fibre. It does not give you energy but it fills your stomach when you are hungry.
There are a lot of …. and …. . They help you body to be healthy. You can get all your vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.
Соедини продукт и его влияние на человека.
I have bee used …to my hair for 2 months.
I discovered….6 months ago.
I have been brushing my teeth with…since I was a child.
I have been using….since 2007.
I have been washing my hair with…for a month.
It leaves my hair soft and shiny.
My skin looks wonderful.
My teeth are white and strong.
It makes my hair grow faster.
I found out that it holds my hair without being sticky.

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