Внеклассное мероприятие для 8 класса

Мигунова Анастасия Андреевна
Учитель английского языка
МБОУ «СОШ №1 им. А.М. Рудого» п. Борисовка Борисовского района Белгородской области
8 класса
Внеклассное мероприятие
“London Sightseeing Tour”
1.Способствовать развитию интереса к изучению английского языка;
2.Повышать уровень культуры и интеллектуального развития учащихся;
3.Развивать активность, любознательность, трудолюбие, чувство ответственности и коллективизма;
4.Повторить и обобщить темы в монологических высказываниях;
5.Повышать компьютерную грамотность.
1. Картинки, фотографии с достопримечательностями Лондона, наглядный материал, подготовленный учащимися
2. Учебные кабинеты, с оформленными выставками
3. Карта Лондона для каждой команды
4. Названия достопримечательностей (для кабинетов)
5. Компьютер
6. Слайдовые презентации
Сроки исполнения:
Мероприятие рассчитано на урочную и внеурочную деятельность учащихся: подготовка и оформление материалов и проведение мероприятия.
Результат: создание презентаций и обмен информацией.
Участники: две группы учащихся 8 класса , ведущие, предъявляющие задания (вопросы), члены жюри, которые следят за правильностью выполнения заданий и перехода на следующую станцию.
Ход мероприятия:
I.Приветствие. Орг.момент.
- Dear friends! I’m glad to see you here, at our English week. You understand that knowing foreign language gives lots of opportunities for people. One of them is…travelling.
Today we’ll visit London where you can meet English people and learn about sightseeing of London! Imagine that all of you are journalists. You should remember as more information as possible. Ok, are you ready?
Pupils: Yes!
- Ladies and gentlemen! We are welcome you to London!
You should divide into two tourist groups and visit some places of interest of London. Use a tourist map. At every station you will find a guide who will tell you some information. Try to understand it and remember. I will wait for you at the last station! Good Luck!(Учащиеся расходятся по разным станциям-достопримечательностям, пользуясь картой).
Station 1: Tower of London.
Guide №1:
- Hello, dear friends! I’m glad to see you here. You will see many places today and we start from Tower of London. Look at it, the Tower is the oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe. It’s one of the most popular museums nowadays. The great central tower, White Tower, was built around 1090 by William the Conqueror. Massive defensive walls and other towers were added later. Through the centuries, the Tower of London has been a citadel, a palace, a prison, the treasury for the Crown Jewels, menagerie, and the first royal observatory.
The Tower’s guardians are the Yeomen Warders who wear splendid scarlet and gold uniforms dating back to Henry VII’s time.
Why is the Tower of London so special?
Station 2: Buckingham Palace.
Guide №2:
- Good afternoon, friends! Now we are at Buckingham Palace. It’s London residence of British monarchs. Originally built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. Now it’s the London home of Queen. When the flag is flying on the top she is home. The colourful ceremony of Changing Guards is performed daily in the forecourt at 11.30 a.m.
Have you understood? Answer some my questions:
1.What is Buckingham Palace today?
2.When it was built?
3.For whom it was built?
4.What is special about it?
( ученики отвечают на вопросы по-английски)
6.Good for you! You get… points
7.Now, go ahead!
Station 3: St. Paul’s Cathedral.Guide №3:
- Welcome to St. Paul’s Cathedral! I’ll tell you about it. It’s the biggest cathedral of the Church of England; it was designed by Christopher Wren and was constructed between 1675 and 1710. The present building replaced Old St. Paul’s, which had been completely destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Many eminent persons are buried in St. Paul’s, including Lord Nelson, Florence Nightingale, the Duke of Wellington and Christopher Wren himself.
Ok, now answer the questions:
1.What have you learnt about St. Paul’s Cathedral?
2.Who was Christopher Wren?
3.Who was buried there?
- Wonderful! Now you know about some places of interest of London and you can tell about London in general.
Station 1: Madam Tussaud Museum.
Guide №1:
- Hello! Welcome to Madam Tussaud Museum! Madam Tussaud’s Exhibition was opened on its present site in Marylebone Road in 1884.
Many of the original models made by Marie Tussaud of her great contemporaries, such as Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Walter Scott are still reserved.
The exhibition consists of several halls. In the 1st hall you can see the famous “Sleeping Beauty” with a mechanism that stimulates breathing. The 2nd hall contains life-size wax models of sport, film and TV personalities.
The most famous of the wax rooms is the Chamber of Horrors.
8.What other museums in London do you know?
Station 2: Trafalgar Square.
Guide №2:
- Hello my dear friends! We are in the center of London! Here you can see Trafalgar Square. Some people say it is the most beautiful place in London. In the middle of the square stands a tall column. It is a monument to… I ‘m sorry, I forgot to whom. Can you help me?
Oh, thank you! Of course it is Admiral Nelson!
Four bronze lions look at the square from the monument. There are two beautiful fountains in the square. They are in front of the National Gallery which is one of the best picture galleries of the world. Every day many tourists visit this fine building with tall columns.
Now tell me true or false these sentences:
1.London is the capital of Scotland
2.The heart of London is the City
3.Trafalgar Square is not in the center of London
4.The National Gallery of London is well-known all over the world
- Good for you! Go to the last station!
Station 3: Westminster Abbey.
Guide №3:
- I’m glad to see you there, my friends! Welcome to Westminster Abbey. You can see it on the other side of the Houses of Parliament. It is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in London. It is very old too. It is more than nine hundreds years old. There are so many monuments and statues there. Many English kings and queens are buried there. Westminster Abbey is famous for the Poet’s Corner too. Many great writers are buried there: for example Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling. The Abbey with its two towels is really wonderful.
Computer class:
- That‘s all! Now you are ready to share your information with other people.
Please make up the presentations about London and its Places of interest.
Обе группы детей создают презентации и обмениваются информацией.
Учитель подводит итоги, проводит беседу по теме «Лондон» и награждает команды памятными призами и грамотами.
- Thank you for your good shows. They are very interesting, exciting. You know so much and I think that your knowledge will help you in the future.
- Our Holiday is over! I congratulate you and wish you good luck in studying English!

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