Внеклассное мероприятие хорошие и вредные привычки

Внеклассное мероприятие
в 9 классе “Good and bad habits”
Предмет: английский язык
Тема урока: “Good and bad habits”
Класс: 9
УМК: В.П.Кузовлев
Цели и задачи урока: повторение лексического и грамматического материала по теме, развитие творческих способностей обучающихся, привитие здорового образа жизни.
Форма проведения: урок - КВН
Оборудование: - компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран

Ход урока.
I.                  Оргмомент.
Good morning, dear girls and boys!
I’m glad to see you in our classroom and I hope you are ready for our competition. The name of our game is “Good and bad habits”.  For our competition we have three teams. I am glad to introduce you our first team and its captain …, the second team and its captain … and the third team and its captain ….
        So, we have three teams and their captains and we are ready to start our competition. Let’s begin!
II.               Выполнение заданий из презентации.
Round №1.  Your first task is to present your team. What is your team’s name, your motto and your emblem?
Round №2. Now guess my words! You give your answers team by team. If you don’t name   this word the other team can guess it and award one point.
            A - - - - - l (alcohol)
            F - - - e (fibre)
            I - - - - - - - - y (inactivity)
            O - - - - y (obesity)
            S - - - - - g (smoking)
            D - - - - - e (disease)
            A - - - r (anger)
            E - - y (envy)
            P - - - e (pride)
Round №3. Put in the most suitable word:
If you want to feel fit you'd better ... (1). Everyone must do all he can to be ... (2) . Good health is better than the best ... (3) . All kinds of ... (4) are very useful to make our bodies strong. ... (5) must be an important part of our daily life. Good ... (6) is better than wealth.
Doing sports; health; go in for sport; physical exercises; healthy; medicine Слайд3
Round №4. Translate the words from Russian into English. The key word is the missing word in the proverb “… is the greatest wealth”.
Слайд 4
1.         непросеянная мука
2.         уравновешенный, гармоничный, сбалансированный
3.         мозг
4.         ценность
5.         преимущество
6.         вес
Round №5. Your next task is to guess my words. Captains, come to me and choose your task.  For each guessed word you get one point. Let’s start!
- It is a dangerous disease. (6 letters) cancer
- You should reduce it to be healthy. (6 letters)Weight
- They are very useful for your health. (8 letters) vitamins
- People use it when they wash they hair. (7 letters) shampoo
- It is one of the modern bad habits. (7 letters) Smoking
- You use it when you clean your teeth. (10 letters) toothpaste
Слайд 5
Round №6. You know that there are some factors that influence our health, for example bad habits. What bad habits do you know? Your next task is to present your projects against bad habits.
Слайд 6
Round №7. Say how often you do this using never, often, sometimes, regularly, every day, once, twice, three times a (day, week, month)
Example: I never drink alcohol.
a.     eat between meals
b.     smoke
c.      skip breakfast
d.     eat sweets
e.      do morning exercises
f.       go to the dentist
g.     eat fruit and vegetables
h.     play sport games
i.       eat low fat food
Слайд 7
Round №8. Let’s read some advices using more
         or less and translate them into Russian:
a.     You should eat … fat food to lose your weight.
b.     You should walk … to be healthy.
c.      You should eat … fruit and vegetables. They are useful for your health.
d.     Doctors advise to smoke … and to exercise ….
e.      You should eat … sugar-rich foods.
f.       You should eat … fibre-rich foods.
Слайд 8
Round №9. Your next task is to match the columns and to find the information about different products and they influence on peoples’ health.
       - Carrots…                … prevents from colds
       - Fruit and vegetables … …   helps to sleep
       - Fish …                  … are rich in vitamins
       - Lemons …                … are good for your 
       - Hot milk with honey …   … is good for your
       - Garlic …                … are good for your
III. Подведение итогов конкурса.
Our game is over. What is the score after all rounds? The score is …. The members of the team … are the winners today. Thanks for your work.
1. What word is it? Listen to its definition and the number of letters in it. Then say a word and spell it.
1) It is a dangerous disease. 6 letters - (c-a-n-c-e-r).
2) You should reduce it to be healthy. 6 letters - (w-e-i-g-h-t).
3) They are very useful for your health. 8 letters - (v-i-t-a-m-i-n-s).
4) It is one of the modern bad habits. 7 letters - (s-m-o-k-i-n-g).
5) When we are ill or catch a cold we have it. 5 letters - (c-o-u-g-h).
6) He is a person, who follows a diet. 7 letters - (s-l-i-m-m-e-r).
1. Teacher: Dear students I'll call healthy and unhealthy habits on the topic “Healthy Living Guide” and you, please, show your cards and say “Yes” or “No” to the habits.
(В заключение учитель называет хорошие и плохие привычки, по теме: “Здоровый образ жизни, а обучающиеся показывают и озвучивают хором “Yes” или “No”).
1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2. Eat too much.
3. Skip your breakfast.
4. Smoking
5. Drinking alcohol
6. Exercising
7. Dieting
8. Taking drugs
9. Sleeping too much.
10. Physical inactivity.
11. Eating sweets.
12. Eating high fibre food
13. Eating breakfast.
14. Dieting too much.
Вкуснотища – Very good! Пищу называют – food.
Это вовсе не каприз, сыр мы называем – cheese.
Мясо жарится, шкварчит, мясо по-английски – meat.
Арбуз предпочитаю сливам, арбуз иначе – water-melon.
Узнали все впервые, что груша – это pear.
Масло нужно всем ребятам. Масло по-английски – butter.
Без соли борщ не лезет в рот. Соль по-английски – просто salt.
Ведро воды не принесете? Вода, водичка будет – water.
Слива тут и слива – там. Слива по-английски – plum.
Виноград мы съели весь. Виноград – иначе grape.

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