Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому язык1

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку: «Spring is coming!»
(6 класс)
Цели мероприятия:
Образовательная : формирование навыков аудирования и монологической речи , расширение лексического запаса учащихся.
Развивающая: развитие внимания, памяти.
Воспитательная: повышение интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка;
воспитание любви к природе ,к классической музыке.
Оборудование: мультимедийное оборудование, картины (а также рисунки учащихся) на тему «Весна».
Ход мероприятия.
T.: Good day , my dear friends! We are very glad to see you at our Party! We also
say «Welcome!» to all our guests .We are glad to see you too !
Звучит музыка Сергея Рахманинова «Весенние воды», а в это время на экране демонстрируются слайды с изображением весенних пейзажей(презентация ,подготовленная одним из учеников этого класса).
T.: With this wonderful music by S. Rakhmaninov and beautiful landscapes of famous painters we’ll begin our festival!
На сцену выходит группа учащихся и исполняет песню: «Spring is coming»
Spring is coming ,spring is coming
Birdies build your nest;
Weave together straw and feather,
Doing each your best.
Spring is coming, spring is coming,
Flowers are coming, too;
Pansies, lilies, daffodils
Now are coming through.
Spring is coming, spring is coming,
All around is fair;
Shimmer, quiver on the river,
Joy is everywhere
T.: It is spring now .But what can you say about this season ?Why do people like spring?
Учащиеся выходят на сцену и рассказывают:
P1.: This is the season
When snowdrops bloom,
When nobody likes
To stay in the room.
P2.: This is the season
When birds make their nest,
This is the season
We all like best.
P3.:In spring the air is fresh, the sky is blue. The sun shines brightly.
Birds come from
the South and begin to build their
nests . Green leaves
appear on the trees and many beautiful flowers begin to grow.

T.: Yes, you are right. The nature awakes in spring and a lot of different flowers appear in the fields and in the forests. Now , please , listen to a conversation
between Queen-Rose and some other flowers .
Исполняется сценка THE FLOWER MEETING :
На троне сидит Королева –Роза , а вокруг нее собрались цветы , которые хотят знать ,когда же они должны появляться ,кто первыми, а кто вторыми …Они по очереди подходят к Королеве и представляют себя
SNOWDROP: I am a nice little flower in a white dress .I have no smell.
QUEEN-ROSE: Your name will be Snowdrop .You will be the first flower in spring. People will see you on the places where the snow becomes water in the sun. They will like you very much.
(The Snowdrop bows and stands at one side of the throne.)
VIOLET: I am a spring flower , too. My dress is violet. I am very nice, as you see.
QUEEN-ROSE: Your name will be Violet. You will come after the Snowdrop , a little later ,when there is no snow in the fields ,the days are longer and it is warmer.
(The Violet bows and stands at the other side of the throne.)
BUTTERCUP: I am a little flower .I am dressed in a nice yellow dress .I like the sun, I like when it is warm.
QUEEN-ROSE: Then you must come in summer, when it is warm and the sun shines brightly all day long. Your name will be Buttercup.
(It bows and stands next to the Snowdrop)
BLUEBELL: I am blue like the sky , and my dress is like a bell. I like the sun, too.
QUEEN-ROSE: Oh, I know, your name will be Bluebell. People will see you in the grass .You will make the fields beautiful.
(It bows and stands next to the Violet)
CORN-FLOWER: My colour is blue ,too. I make the fields beautiful , but I make the harvest not very rich.
QUEEN-ROSE: Your name, my beautiful one, will be Corn-flower .People will see you in the fields all the summer.
(Corn-flower bows and steps aside)
SUNFLOWER: Look at me , please .I am like the golden sun.
QUEEN-ROSE: Yes, you look like the golden sun , so your name will be Sunflower .People will see you in the country in August, and you will look at the sun every day.
(The Sunflower bows and goes to one side of the throne.)
QUEEN-ROSE (stands up and goes to the middle of the room ):
Well, my dear flowers .Now you know that you are spring and summer flowers. You are not garden flowers .People can see you only in the fields. Now let us sing and dance. Spring and summer will come here soon ,and you must be ready to come together with them : first the Snowdrop, then the Violet, after them the Buttercup and the Bluebell, and then the Corn-flower and the Sunflower.
All flowers make a ring.
Buttercup (coming into the middle of it and recites):
Buttercups, buttercups,
Oh, the nicest flowers,
Coming in the springtime
To tell of sunny hours.
When the trees are leafless,
When the fields are bare,
Buttercups, buttercups,
Spring up here and there.

After that all are singing the song :’Tis Springtime:
‘Tis springtime, ‘tis springtime,
Cold winter is past,
Warm breezes are blowing,
And May’s here at last.
The birds are returning,
Their songs you can hear,
And meadows are smiling
With Spring flowers here.
T.: Thank you ,my dear flowers! You are wonderful!
Spring is here .And what do you know about spring months? What are they?
На сцену выходят учащиеся и рассказывают:
P.1: March wind goes out to play,
He will have such fun today !
When the boys and girls come out ,
He blows their caps and hats about.
P.2: APRIL by Ivy Russel
Winter is over,
Without any doubt
Down the meadow
The blackthorn is out !
Swallows fly back
From their winter in Spain ,
Little brown martins
Are with us again.
Far off in the distance
I’m sure I hear,too,
The herald of spring
With his first faint “Cuckoo!”
P.3: : In the merry month of May
All the little birds are gay.
They all hop and sing and say,
«Winter days are far away,
Welcome, welcome, merry May.»
In the merry month of May
All the violets are gay.
They all dance and sing and say,
«Winter days are far away,
Welcome, welcome, merry May.»
In the merry month of May
All the children are so gay.
They all play and sing and say,
«Winter days are far away,
Welcome, welcome, merry May.»
Исполняется очень красивая песня : “The Birds’ Ball”
Spring once said to the nightingale,
“I’m going to give you birds a ball,
Go now , ask the birdies all,
The birds and the birdies great and small.”
Tra-la-la-la-la, tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra-la-la-la-la, tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra-la-la-la-la, tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra –la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
The birds all came in their Sunday-best,
The robin dressed in his bright red vest,
The swallow with its young ones gay,
Sang and danced and chirped all day.
Tra-la-la-la-la , tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra-la-la-la-la , tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra-la-la-la-la , tra –la-la-la-la,
Tra –la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
T.: At last ,my dear friends , something for you to think about:
Riddles.( Something for you to think about )
1.What can fly but has no wings? (time)
2.I am asked to come,
I am waited for ;
But I make them hide
When I come. (Rain)
3. What goes up when the rain comes down?(Umbrella)
4 The little old woman with twelve children: some short, some long, some hot. What is it?(A year)
5. What is it that can catch me in the garden and make me wet, but cannot reach me when I am at home.(Rain)
6. What is without hands and without feet, without head or body, but can open a door? (Wind)
7. Which month of the year is the shortest?(May-only three letters)
8.Three girls walked to school under one umbrella .Why didn’t any of them get wet?(It was not raining)
T.: Our Party is over. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much for your attention! Good buy.
1. Стихи и пьесы для детей. Сборник на английском языке для учащихся 6 – 7 классов. Составление и адаптация К.А.Родкина и Т.А.Соловьевой. Москва «Просвещение» 1989г.
2.Фрагмент музыкального произведения С.Рахманинова «Весенние воды»
3.Мои первые шаги в чтении. Кн.для чтения на англ.яз. в 6 кл. Сост.И.С. Степнова,-М. ; «Просвещение» ,1990г,,

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