Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку квн 6 класс

КВН 6 класс
Тема: Food and Drinks
Еда и напитки
а) повторить в играх, стихах, репликах слова по теме “ FoodandDrinks”;
б) развивать правильность произношения английских звуков и слов, догадку;
в) воспитывать коллективизм, находчивость, выразительность, артистичность, активность.
Оборудование: картинки, карточки,презентация
Ход мероприятия
1. Starting moment. Greeting.Teacher: Dear children! Today we’re going to have an interesting lesson-competition. We’ll have teams: “Nuts”, “Chocolate”, “Candies”.
2. Task 1. You’ll get a sheet of paper. Your task – to write words on the topic “Food and Drinks” in turn. You have to remember as many words as you can. 1 min. is given to you .Каждая команда получает листок, на котором каждый член команды должен вспомнить и написать 1 слово по данной теме.
3. Task 2. Who is the quickest? На доске даны 3 столбика слов в
разброс. Кто первый зачеркнет произнесенное учителем слово.
On the blackboard:
Cherryjuice tea
tea butter eggs
chocolatebanana ice-cream
potato chocolate cherry
eggstea banana
butter cherry juice
potato ice-cream sweets
juiceeggs butter
banana sweets chocolate
4.Task 3.Sort out the words into COUNTABLE and UNCOUNTABLE.
Рассортировать слова на неисчисляемые и исчисляемые.
Даны карточки со словами: coffee, tea, water, milk, jam, egg, onion, bread, sweet, apple, carrot, nut.
5. Task 4.Puzzle Time.
E T M S B J A S C P I Ответы: Egg, tea, meat, soup, bread, juice, apple, sweet, coffee, porridge, ice-cream.6. Task 5. Reciting Poems.Breakfast in the morning
Dinner in the day
Tea comes after dinner,
Then comes time to play.Supper in the evening
When the sky is red.Then the day is over
And we go to bed.
Robin theBobin, the big-bellied Ben,
He ate more meat than fourscore men;
He ate a cow, he ate a calf,
He ate a butcher and a half,
He ate a church? He ate a steeple,
He ate a priest and all people.
A cow and a calf,
An ox and a half,
A church and a steeple,
And all good people,
And yet he complained that his stomach wasn’t full.
Little Jack Horner
Little Jack Horner,
Sat in a corner,
Eating his birthday pie.He put in his thumb
And pulled on a plum
And said: “What a good boy am I!”
7. Task 6.Who is the quickest to make a dialogue. Ктобыстрейсоставитдиалог. Imagine, your dream comes true and now you go to the restaurant to have your meal. Put the sentences in the correct order to make up a dialogue and act it in the classroom.
Relaxation.Teacher: Let’s have a short rest. I’ll give you cards with the action written on them. Your task is to read them and to present before the class with the help of pantomime. You may produce some sound, but not words.
You are drinking tea with cake. The tea is too hot.
You are frying eggs. Then put the eggs on the plate and eat them.
You on the picnic. You are eating sandwiches and drinking juice. There are a lot of flies over there.
8. Task 7. Match the nouns to the verbs.Подобратьпары.
1.bake a) chicken
2. boil b) turkey
3. chop c) fish
4.cut d) banana
5.fry e) onion
6.grill f) potato
7.peel g) meat
8.roast h) lemon
9.slice i) carrot
10. squeeze j) cake
Ответы:1J; 2i;3g;4d;5c;6b;7e;8a;9f;10h.
Кто лучше прочтет скороговорку.
10.Task9. QUIZE: Ответьнавопросы.
1. How many kilograms are there in summer cabbage? (2-3);
2. What is the “home”of potatoes?(America);
3. When did potato appear in Russia? (1672-1725);
4. How many sorts of grapes are there in our country? (morethan 2000);
5. Where did the first vineyards appear?( in the Crimea);
6. How many fruit has the apple tree? (from 5000-8000).
11.Представление презентации
12. Подведение итогов.

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