Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему 2

Разработка урока английского языка 5 класса на тему «Золотая осень»
побуждать учащихся к активному участию в познании окружающего мира;
развивать память, внимание, логическое мышление;
учить учащихся формировать собственную точку зрения, выражать собственное мнение, чувства.
2.Развивающие: способствовать интеллектуальному и культурному росту учащихся.
практиковать учащихся в умении вести беседу по темам «Погода», «Осень », «Времена года»;
-совершенствовать навыки монологической и диалогической речи;
-совершенствовать грамматические умения и навыки;
-тренировать класс в чтении текста с извлечением основной информации;
-совершенствовать артикуляцию английских звуков;
-обучать вежливому и доброжелательному общению друг с другом с соблюдением этикетных норм;
-воспитывать чувство уважения друг к другу;
-воспитывать чувство уважения к культуре, традициям и обычаям других народов.

Ход занятия
1. Good morning, dear friends! I am very glad to see you again. How are you? I hope you are fine. What are we going to do today? We are going to speak about spring, summer, autumn and winter, about the weather. We are going to recite poems. Let’s get started.
Autumn is yellow,Winter is white,Spring is green, Summer is bright.
Spring is here,Summer is near,Grass is green.So nice and clean. Winter, spring, summer, fall –I like spring best of all.
(Учащиеся сначала повторяют стихотворения хором за учителем, а потом рассказывают их самостоятельно).
3. There are many new faces in our classroom. Let’s make friends!
Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя:
What is your name?  
How old are you?
What do you do?
What country are you from?
What town do you live in?
What languages do you speak?
4. Примерные диалоги учащихся:
– What is your name?– My name is … And what is your name? – My name is … Nice to meet you. How old are you?– I am 9. And how old are you?– I am 8. What country are you from?– I am from Russia. What town do you live in?– I live in Konakovo. – What languages do you speak?– I speak Russian and English a little. And what about you?– I speak Russian and English too. 6. And now we are going to speak about the weather today.
Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя:
Is the weather good or bad today?
Is the sun shining?
Are there any clouds in the sky?
What colour is the sky?
Is the wind blowing or not?
Is it raining?
Is it warm?
7. And now will you tell us about the weather, please? Welcome!
The weather is good today. The sun is shining. There are no clouds in the sky. The sky is blue. The wind is blowing. It is neither raining nor snowing. It is rather warm.
8. And now let’s speak about autumn! What do you know about it?
What can you tell us about this wonderful season? Our presentation will help you! Презентация «Времена года»
Autumn is
My dear friends! Autumn it is a wonderful season! She has a bright colour. What can you tell us about this wonderful season?
Is Autumn a good season?
When does Autumn begin?
When does Autumn end?
Can we see the birds?
Do birds sing their songs?
Do farmers work in the fields?
Do you like Autumn?
9. And will you tell us about Autumn in Konakovo, please?
10. And now let’s have a rest! Do you remember our poems about 12 months?
January bring the snow,Makes our feet and fingers glow.February brings the rain, Thaws the frozen lake again.March brings breezes, loud and shrill,To stir the dancing daffodil.April brings the primrose sweet,Scatters daises at our feet.May brings flocks of pretty lambsSkipping by their fleecy dams.June brings tulips, lilies, roses,Fills the children’s hands and posies.Hot July brings cooling showers,Apricots and gillyflowers.August brings the sheaves of corn,Then the harvest home is borne.Warm September brings the fruit,Sportsmen then begin to shoot.Fresh October brings the pheasant, Then to gather nuts is pleasant.Dull November brings the blast,Then the leaves are whirling fast.Chill December brings the sleet, Blazing fire and Christmas treat.(Sara Coleridge, A Calendar).
20. And now we are going to speak about seasons in Konakovo. Will you answer my questions, please?
Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя.
Is the weather warm or cold in autumn?
What do people usually do in autumn ?Can we go to the forest?
Can we swim in the river?
What colour are the trees in autumn?
What is your favourite season?
21. Dear friends! Will you tell us about your favourite season, please?
Примерные рассказы учащихся:
There are 4 seasons in the year. Each of them lasts 3 months. Every new year begins in winter on the 1st of January. It is a holiday in our country. People decorate New Year trees. Winter is a cold season in Kaliningrad. It often snows. The rivers and the lakes are frozen over. The sun sets early and rises late. The days are short, the nights are long. The sky is grey.
 At the end of March the weather gets warmer. The sun shines brightly. The days become longer, the nights become shorter .Snow begins melting. Nature awakens after a long winter sleep. The birds return from the South.
Spring is followed by summer. The weather gets warmer. People go to the forest, swim in the river in summer. I like summer very much.
Autumn comes in September with the beginning of the school year. Leaves fall down from the trees and cover the ground. Birds fly away to warm countries. Autumn is a tasty season.
One of our pupils made a presentation “Seasons”. I think it is very interesting. Let’s see and enjoy it!
Презентация «Времена года» (приложение 2).
22. Thank you very much! It was a real pleasure to listen to you. Your stories were lovely! I wish you good luck. Good bye!

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