Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 5 классе

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 5 классе «Путешествие по Лондону»
Цель: Обобщение изученного материала, активизация лексических навыков, совершенствование монологической речи, воспитание любознательности и толерантности, приобщение к культуре англоговорящих стран.
Ход мероприятия.
I Оргмомент. Приветствие. Объяснение правил игры. За каждый правильный ответ ученик получает жетон. Ученику, набравшему наибольшее количество жетонов вручается медаль победителя.
II T: Today we`ll have an interesting competition. We`ll have different tasks about a city, a country and about London.
III T: Every town or city has different sightseeings and places to visit. Guess what it is.
It is a place where people go to watch films. (a cinema)
It is a place where people go to see collections of important or interesting things. (a museum)
It is a place where people go to watch sporting events or support their favourite sport team. (a stadium)
It is a place where people can see paintings, pictures or sculptures.(an art gallery)
It is a place where people go to watch plays. (a theatre)
It is a place where people go to buy food, clothes and other different things.
It is a place where children go every day except Sundays to study subjects, to learn and to make friends.(a school)
IV T: Every town is a town of contrasts. Give the opposite meanings of the following expressions:
Old buildings --------- new …….
Wide streets ---------- narrow
Quite streets --------- noisy
Squire flower beds -------- round
Clean parks -------- dirty
High buildings ------- low
Big houses ------ small
V T: Imagine that you are in London with your classmates. One of the pupils of our lass has lost. Listen to my description and guess who is he or she. (Учитель описывает одного из учеников группы).
VI Все в сборе. Imagine that we are in London. Look at its sihgtseeings and divide the words into 2 groups.
Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul`s Cathedral, Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, the British government.
Keys: the ----
VII T: Read the beginning of the sentences in section A and find its end in section B
1. London is …… in Buckingham Palace
2. It has a population of … Trafalgar Squire
3. Tourists come from all over the world …. the biggest city in Britain
4. The Queen of England lives … more than 7 million people
5. The largest park is … to visit its historic buildings
6. The center of London is … Hyde Park
VIII T: Have you ever been to London? What do you know about this city?What is London?
Составление монологического высказывания о Лондоне по опорам.
London is… It is one of the most… It is not like Moscow at all… It is a mixture of…There are…. In London.
IX Подведение итогов. Награждение.

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