Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в в классе по теме

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 5 классе по теме : «Экскурсия в зоопарк»
Учитель просит представить ребят, что они направляются на экскурсию в зоопарк. Во время похода они будут останавливаться возле павильонов с животными и выполнять различные задания.
Teacher: Dear children, I know you love animals. You take care of them. I am sure you will be glad to see different animals in the zoo. Let’s go to the zoo. I think it will be interesting. But before we go, remember zoo manners.
Be careful what you say or
do when you visit the animals in the zoo.
Treat them as well as they treat you,
And you’ll always be welcome at the zoo.
Now we are in the zoo.
Pavilion 1 :“Phonetics”
You can see the names of animals. Children, read, translate and remember.
(Ученики получают карточки с заданием прочитать слова в транскрипции.)
[‘taigǝ] [‘krɔkǝdail]
[‘laiǝn] [‘dȝira:f]
[teil] [‘elifǝnt]
[‘mʌƞki] [hen]
[‘hɛǝ] [maus]
Now boys and girls, you can take part in the competition of rhymes and patters.
(Конкурс рифмовок и скороговорок)What a big black cat!
What a cat! What a cat!
A black cat sat on a mat
And ate a fat rat.This is a mouse,
She lives in the house.
This is a cat. He is very fat,
Because he lives in the house
And he likes to eat a mouse.
Hickety, pickety, my black cat
Likes to sit in my blue hat.Pavilion 2: “Poetry”.
Will you recite your own poems? Whose poem is the best?
(Дети читают подготовленные стихи наизусть о животных.)
I like dogs,
All dogs,
Big dogs,
And small dogs,
Black dogs
And white dogs.
But I like best,
As you can see,
The dog who likes
To play with me.Grizzly bear.
If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear –
You must never, never, never ask him where
He is going -
or what he is doing:
For if you ever, ever dare
To stop a grizzly bear –
You will never meet
Another grizzly bear.
The lion
My paws are big and strong,
My tail is very long,
My mane is fine and thick,
And I’m very big.
The tiger-cub
I’m a baby tiger,
My coat is smooth and nice,
It is of yellow color
With pretty narrow stripes
I said to crocodile:
"Will you play with me?"
"Oh,no," - said Crocodile.
"oh, no," - said he.
Here is my tooth-brush
And here is my cup so new.
I must brush my teeth.
I cannot play with you.
Thank you, children. It was very pleasant to listen to the poems.
Pavilion 3: “Quiz”
What do you know about animals?
Which is taller, an elephant or a giraffe?
Which is bigger, an Indian elephant or an African elephant?
How long does the mouse live?
The favourite English domestic animal.
Pavilion 4: “Grammar”
Fill in the appropriate form of the verbs.
(На данном этапе проверяются знания грамматики.)
Fill in the gaps with am, is, are.
1. I … always there for my animals.
2. You … a great hunter.
3. He … best friend.
4. She … funny.
5. It … yellow and brown.
6. We … nice and kind.
7. They … very angry.
2) Use these words to form sentences. Make up sentences.
1. Is, a, giraffe, this.2. A, long, it, tail, has, neck, and, short.
3. Most of all, monkeys, I, watch, to, like.
4. Very, eat, are, they, fruits, like, to, funny, and.
5. A, sharp, lion, teeth, has.
Pavilion 5: “Lexical”
Проверяются знания лексики.
Match the verbs and the nouns.
verbs nouns
love people
have an elephant
help animals
find monkeys
like friends
Match the two parts of each word.
hun malsuse sticani fuldome less
home terGuess what animals are there. (Угадай названия животных.)
bezra (zebra) tar (rat)
sohre (horse) omuse (mouse)
gerti (tiger) nomeky (monkey)
noil (lion) ariffeg (giraffe)
Pavilion 6: ” Puzzles”
Guess what animals it is. Who am I ?(Дети разгадывают загадки.)
I’m green. I’m long. I live in the water. I can swim. My tail is big. I live in Africa. (a crocodile)
I’m grey and very big. I have big ears. You can see me at the zoo and at the circus too. (an elephant)
I live in the forest. I’m small, white or grey. I can go, run and jump. (a hare)
I am green and small. I can jump, swim. I live in the pond. (a frog)
I have no legs. I can’t walk. I can swim. I have a long tail. (a snake)
Pavilion 7: .”Proverbs and sayings”
Match the beginnings and the endings of proverbs and sayings
When the cat’s away, grey at night
As hungry that never stumbles
One’s bark is worse as a hawk
All cats are the mice will play
It is a good horse look at a king
A cat may than one’s bite
Every dog of another colourLove me, like a horse
That is a horse can fly
When pigs has his day
To work like sheep
To follow love my dog
Pavilion 8: ”Musical”
Dear, children! You had a very good time at the zoo. You have seen a lot of animals. Now some good advice to you. Never beat animals! Feed them! Take care of animals!
Let’s sing any song you like about animals. (Ученики исполняют любую песню о животных, выученную в течение учебного года.)

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