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1. Read the text and answer the questions.
Computer industry
Now almost all people have their own personal computer. But not everyone knows that computer looked not make the initial. First computer was very large. and contained a lot of pipes was invented Shoyts in 1853. Next, the computer industry went to the top, and already in 1854, was created "analytic" machine. She could already work adjustable steering loom changing pattern created tissue depending on the combination of holes on a special paper tape. But only after 140 years, in 1984 there was the first modern computer
What year Shoyts invented the first computer?
That could perform the first analytical engine?
How do you imagine your computer in the future?
2. Insert the missing letters in the word on the ,, New Year” and find the extra word(s)
Pre…ents; Sa…ta C…aus; Sno…; sk…s; visi…ors; ent…rtain…ment; st…r; dicti…nary.
3. Put the words in the brackets.
(represents, century, old, Halloween, variant, pumpkin.)
History of Halloween
The word _______is first attested in the 16th ______ and _____ a Scottish _______ of the fuller All-Hallows'-Even ("evening"), that is, the night before All Hallows' Day. Although the phrase All Hallows' is found in ______ English ( mass-day of all saints), All-Hallows-Even is itself not attested until 1556.
Place the sentence in true sequence
a._ Yes. it was the longest tunnel of glass surrounded on all sides by water in which the fish swam.
b._ What are you doing there?
c._ It is wary interesting but I late for training. Goodbye.
d._ Ok. Goodbye. See you later.
e._ Oh, I went to Canada for my aunt.
f._ Hi Sara.
g._ What are you doing at the holidays?
h._ I went to a museum of weapons, and the aquarium.
i._ Hello

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