Зула сангуино

Colombia: girl with no limbs has become a famous artist inspiring many.
The story of a girl from Colombia named Zola Sanguino is a true feat for life! The artist creates beautiful paintings, despite a congenital disability: she has underdeveloped limbs, that is, in fact, no hands and feet. Zola at birth was diagnosed; the doctors, the disease had confined her to her bed for life. But the girl's mother did not give up . A grand effort has been made to teach her to sit and move independently. The family existed in poverty, they lived in a simple hut right on the ground. There was another problem : unjustified aggression from her father. This tyrant often stoop to insults and even raised a hand to his wife and daughter, and other children. But Zola continued to struggle with his illness, and soon the family was waiting for one more test, the father of the family committed suicide. This event plunged Zola depressed for several years; it seemed that she'll never be able to come back to life. Her mother tried to return his daughter's craving for life, day by day she taught the girl the letters and painting patiently . Holding the brush in his mouth, Zola's going on.
The girl tried valiantly to learn the basics of drawing and at the age of 15, realized that he wanted to continue. Now she is 26 years old, she is able to do almost everything herself: dress, apply makeup, clean the house and, of course, to create. She also actively participates in the social activities of their district and helps at home with the younger nurses or the kids in the neighborhood.
The story of this strong spirit of the girl serves as a wonderful motivator for people around the world who are trying to deal with depression. Recently, Zola has received an offer to move to the United States, where the artist hopes to make a brilliant career.

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