Звездный час 12

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

Star hour
Try to remember all things you see!!! Be attentive! РАЗМИНКА What time do you see on the clock?10 o’clock12 o’clock15 o’clock14 o’clock

How many horses do you see at the picture? 1. 13 2. 14 3. 12 4. 10

What numerals do you see on the mobile phone?1. 1232. 2343. 134 What colour is the last apple?RedYellowGreen

The 1st round What holiday don’t we celebrate in Russia? 1. Boxing Day 2. New Year 3.Christmas 4. St. Valentine Day

2. When is Christmas Day in Great Britain and Western Europe? 1) December 25th 2) January 25th 3) December 26th 4) January 7th

3. Children find Christmas presents … 1) in their shoes 2) in their stockings 3) under the Christmas tree

4. Children write letters to …Santa Claus 2) The Queen 3) Big Ben

5. What do British people traditionally eat for Christmas dinner? 1) fish and pudding 2) turkey and pudding 3) turkey and sandwiches 4) fish and cake

6. Why is December 26th also called Boxing Day? Because… 1) there are Christmas boxing shows on TV 2) people put presents and money into boxes for poor families 3) all presents must be put into boxes

Where is there a New Year tradition to throw old things out the window? 1) France 2)Germany 3)Australia 4)Italy

Where do people celebrate New Year in February? 1) Germany 2) Great Britain 3) Australia 4) China

What does a word “heart” mean? 1) свеча 2) сердце 3) Купидон 4) подарок

The 2nd round The 3rd round T HE ’ + O I L + D E A R’+ 132 25-th letter of the alphabet 2) ’IVAN’ +LEMON + 10 + e=i 5th alphabet letter Valentine’s day Our congratulations to the winner!!!

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