Внеклассное мероприятие по теме нация

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку
«Countries and nationalities»
Предмет: английский язык
Тема: « Страны и национальности»
Целевая аудитория: обучающиеся в составе 25-30чел.
Цель: совершенствовать умение практического владения английским языком по теме «Countries and nationalities»
Задачи урока:
совершенствовать коммуникативную компетенцию обучающихся в процессе обучения иностранному языку.
Развивать и углублять знания по страноведению.
Повышать познавательный интерес к иностранному языку в процессе обучения.
Оборудование: интерактивная доска, презентация в программе SMART
Ход урока:
1. Орг.момент.
Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. How are you? Sit down, please. Today we shall have a talk about different countries, nationalities and what they are famous for.
2. Речевая разминка.
Listen to my statements and agree or disagree with me. If my statement is true, you will repeat it, if I am wrong, you will correct my statement. ( Ученики хлопают в ладоши, если утверждение верное.)
Spain is in Europe. +
Russia is the biggest country in the world. +
Italy is not in Asia. +
The USA is in Australia. –
Anapa is in the south of Russia. –
Samara is the capital of Russia.-3. Фонетическая зарядка.
country - страна; nation - государство, нация, страна; land - страна (край), государство
Russia ['rʌʃə] - Россия
Great Britain [ˌgreɪt'brɪt(ə)n] - Великобритания
Germany ['ʤɜːmənɪ] - Германия
The USA (United States [of America]) [juːˌnaɪtɪd'steɪts(əvə'merɪkə)] - США
France [frɑːn(t)s] - Франция
Japan [ʤə'pæn] - Япония
Spain [speɪn] - Испания
Italy ['ɪt(ə)lɪ] - Италия
China ['ʧaɪnə] - Китай
Mexico ['meksɪkəu] - Мексика
Brazil [brə'zɪl] (Federative Republic of Brazil) - Бразилия
Australia [ɔs'treɪlɪə] (Commonwealth of Australia) – Австралия
nationality - гражданство, подданство; национальная принадлежность; citizenship – гражданство
Brazilian [brə'zɪlɪən] - бразилец
Russian ['rʌʃ(ə)n] - россиянин; русский
British ['brɪtɪʃ] - британец
Italian [ɪ'tælɪən] - итальянец
Spanish ['spænɪʃ] - испанец
Japanese [ˌʤæp(ə)'niːz] - японец
Chinese ['ʧaɪ'niːz] - китаец
German ['ʤɜːmən] - немец
French [frenʧ] - француз
Mexican ['meksɪk(ə)n] - мексиканец
Australian [ɔs'treɪlɪən] - австралиец
American [ə'merɪkən] - американец
Look at the map, please. You can see different continents and countries there. These words help us to remember the names of the countries and the nationalities of people living in them.
China – the Chinese
Ireland – the Irish
Portugal – the Portuguese
England – the English
Scotland – the Scottish
Germany – the Germans
Australia – the Australians
Finland – the Finnish
Russia – the Russians
Italy – the Italians
France – the French
The USA – the Americans
4. Тренировка навыков аудирования устной речи.
It's interesting to find out if you are right. Listen to the tape and check your guesses. Now finish my sentences please:
Barbados, Wellington, Ottawa, the marked countries, London, English, capital of the United States of America.
1. English is spoken as a first language in…( the marked countries)
2. The capital of Great Britain is…(London)
3. The capital of Australia is not…(Kingston, Ottawa, etc.)
4. The Australians speak…(English)
5. Washington is the…( capital of the United States of America.)
6. Bridgetown is the capital of…(Barbados)
7. The capital of New Zealand is…(Wellington)
5. Физкультминутка
Look and Point
Look at the ceiling
Look at the door
Look at the window,
Look at the floor.
Point to the window,
Point to the door,
Point to the window,
Point to the floor.
Task 1. The names of these countries are divided into two parts. Join two parts and write a full name of each country.
Wa land Ire les land
Scot sia Eng Rus land
Task 2. Find out 5 words in this snake.
Task 3. Find 10 country in the magic box.
r a d o a s e
u n a w n t g
s a c h i p y
s u t c r i t
i r k e y l a
a i n e m r a
k g r e e c e
Task 4.You are given three clues for each puzzle. Write the COUNTRY where you would be on the blanks below. The circled letters form a special message to tell you how well you did.
1. Where would you be if:
a. you rode in a double-decker bus?
b. you saw the Tower of London?
c. you watched the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace?
2. Where would you be if:
a. you ate frankfurters
b. you saw the city of Hamburg?
c. you floated down the Rhine River?
3. Where would you be if:
a. you visited the World Trade Center?
b. you skated at Rockefeller Center?
c. you saw several Broadway shows?
4. Where would you be if:
a. you made change in yen?
b. you saw thousands of cars being made for shipment to U.S.?
c. you saw the city of Tokyo?
5. Where would you be if:
a. you travelled by gondola down the canals?
b. you toured Columbus 's birthplace?
c. you saw the city of Rome?
1. _ _ _ _ _ _
2. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. _ _ _ _
5. _ _ _ _
Answer key: 1. England, 2. Germany, 3. United States, 4. Japan, 5. ItalySpecial message: GREAT
Task 5. «Flag Identification»
Most Americans can readily identify the flag of the United States with its thirteen red and white stripes representing the original colonies and its 50 white stars on a blue background representing each of the 50 states. The flags of other countries also have symbolic meanings. Many are quite easily recognized. How many flags can you match with the country they represent? Choose countries from the WORLD BANK and rut them on the blanks.
Hint: If you need help, an almanac is a great resource!
1. red circle on white ____________________________
2. white star on blue ____________________________
3. white cross on red ____________________________
4. blue, white, red vertical stripes ___________________
5. green, white, red vertical stripes __________________
6. red, yellow, green vertical stripes with R in middle ____________________
7. red, white, blue horizontal stripes with insignia in middle_______________
8. solid green _____________________
9. yellow star in middle on red ______________________
10. red, white, red vertical patches with red maple leaf __________________
World bank
Canada RwandaFrance SwitzerlandItaly SomaliaJapan South AfricaLibya Vietnam Answer key: Japan, Somalia, Switzerland , France, Italy, Rwanda, South Africa, Libya, Vietnam, Canada.
Using the map.

Thanks for wonderful working!

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