Внеклассное мероприятие по теме спорт

Внеклассное мероприятие по теме «Спорт»
Good morning! You all are fond of sport: watching sport competitions on TV or going in fordifferent kinds of sport. So, today we are going to have a lesson devoted to the sport. It is a sports quiz consisting of 7 rounds. The topics of them are: "The History of the Olympic Games", "The Olympic Champions of my country", "National sports of Great Britain and the USA".
I Guess the sportTeacher: -Now let's remember the words that we will speak about. They are different kinds ofsport. Look at the picture and try to guess the names of them.
Football, Volleyball, Chess, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Snowboarding, Surfing, Skiing, Skating, Cycling, Swimming, Diving, Jumping.
II. Answer the questions.Who was the founder of the modem Olympic Games?
When were the first Olympic Games?
What do 5 rings mean?
What was the motto of the Olympic Games?
Which game is the most popular game in GB and in the world?
What club is the biggest football club in the world
I What kind of sport is Derby connected with?
What kind of sport is Wimbledon connected with?
When and where was basketball invented?
What kinds of sports were originated in the USA also?
11 .What does triathlon include?
III Say a kind of sport that associate with these Russian sportsmenI will name some Russian sportsmen and you must up the number of kind of sport they are.(учитель называет имя спортсмена, студентам нужно вспомнить, какой вид спортапредставляет этот спортсмен)
1.Olga Slusareva - Cycling
Vladislav Tretyak - Hockey
Aleksandr Karelin - Greek-Rome Fighting
Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze - Figure-Skating
Aleksei Nemov - Gymnastics
Maria Kiseleva - Synchronized Swimming
Dmitri Berestov - Weight-lifting
Aleksei Yagudin - Figure-Skating
Vyacheslav Fetisov - Hockey
Svetlana Khorkina - Gymnastics
Teacher: - Now I shall give you descriptions of some kinds of sport and your task is to listen and say what sports they are.
The sport of moving through the water in a boat without sails( rowing)
the sport of going on horseback (horseracing)
a game played between two teams of eleven players (football)
an outdoor game, popular in Britain played in summer with a ball by two teams of 11players each, usually dressed in white (cricket)
a game in which the players use rackets to hit a small object called a shuttlecock over a high net (badminton)
a game for two people who use rackets, a small soft ball and a low net (tennis)
a game played by two teams of 6 players each that is played on an ice field (ice hockey)
the sport of fighting with fists (boxing)
the sport of playing a type of football with an oval ball (rugby)
How do we call people who...
Play football( footballer or football player)
Tennis (tennis player)
Go swimming (swimmer)
Jumping (jumper)
Running (runner)
Hockey (hockey player)
Skiing (Skier)
Boxing (boxer)
Put the letters in correct order
erccso (soccer)
bongxi (boxing)
rocsaeb (aerobics)
ticompetion (competition)
okecyh (hockey)
agme (game)
misw (swim)
inw (win
VII Guess who these sportsmen are and in what sport they are good at
- You'll see the famous sportsmen. Your task is to guess who they are and in what sport they are good at?
Динара Сафина(теннис), Игорь Акинфеев(футбол), Илья Ковальчук(хоккей), Девид Бэкхэм(футбол), Алина Кабаева(худ. гимнастика), Андрей Аршавин(футбол), Светлана Хоркина(худ. гимнастика), Ирина Слуцкая (фигурное катание), Евгений Плющенко (Фигурное катание), Павел Буре (хоккей).
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