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Welcome to Oxford Выполнила: Гайзуллина Рамиля10 а класс Oxford is a city in the United Kingdom, the capital of the County of Oxford shire. Famous for the oldest in the English-speaking countries and one of the oldest in Europe institutions of higher learning - the Oxford University. Oxford was first mentioned in written form in the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicles" in 912. While in its place was a monastery St Frideswide''s nunnery.In the year 1117 was founded first in the UK University of Oxford with a view to the clergy of a more complete education. Only under Henry II Oxford became a University campus. Walk the long winding street High, one of the most amazing streets of England, a mug of cider in one of the oldest student pubs, sounds of choral music in Latin from the tower Magdalene, students in traditional dress, dissecting the air of the past on motorcycles, solemnly rising tower and spires, small, dirty book-stalls where you can buy the precious first edition - all this Oxford, home to one of the greatest universities in the world The cultural life of Oxford Sheldonian theatre was built in 1664 in 1668 years according to the project Christopher Wren. Despite the name, the building was built not for theatrical productions - there are concerts, lectures, University of the ceremony. Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology became the first public the British Museum. Opened in 1683, he puts a magnificent collection of art and material culture of ancient man. Today it holds lectures, exhibitions and theme days. The Western part of the County of Oxford shire is known for its beautiful hills and valleys . Two major shopping centre Clarendon and Westgate located in the center of the city. Here you will find all the main British Department stores with standard products. If you are a lover of small individual boutiques with unique merchandise, go to The Golden Cross, Cardiff, colorful arcade cafes and shops, settled here in the 15th century One of the fascinating occupations in Oxford is boating,. If you are looking for restaurants, you came to the right place. Oxford scored an excellent cafe, and the choice is huge. Almost all the dishes of the international cuisine are covered, and the sheer variety of places, means that there is something for every mood and every budget. Be it a romantic dinner or a noisy holiday, Thai food, or a big plate of pasta you are after, you'll find something for your convenience here in Oxford. Cast your eyes on our choice of foody place... and you are sure to find something to tempt your taste. Bodleian library is one of the most respected in the world. It contests the Vatican right to be called the oldest in Europe, and of the British - the title of the largest book collection of great Britain. Education in Oxford Oxford University is a University located in the city of Oxford, the County of Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Takes the second place in the list of the oldest universities in the world (after the Bologna), the oldest English-speaking University in the world, and also the first University in the UK. Although the exact date of Foundation of the University is unknown, there is evidence that taught there in the 11th century. Enters into group "ancient universities of the great Britain and Ireland, and also in the elite group "Russell" top 20 universities in the United Kingdom. The University consists of 38 colleges, as well as 6 hostels - private training institutions, belonging to religious orders without the status of a College The University consists of 38 colleges, as well as 6 hostels - private training institutions, belonging to religious orders without the status of a College.Now in Oxford there are more than 20 thousand students, about a quarter of them are foreign. Their number increases sharply in the summer, when opened language summer school. The rector of the Oxford - sir Chris Patten. Women in Oxford began to accept only in the 1920s.however, already in the 70's was cancelled segregated education. The teaching staff of Oxford huge - almost 4 thousand person, from them of 70 members of the Royal society, more than 100 members of the British Academy. Oxford uses in the training of the unique system of tutoring - over each student is established personal care specialist in the chosen specialty. At the University of Oxford, Clarendon laboratory, has an electric bell, which is constantly ringing with 1840. It uses the forces of electrostatic attraction, so to support the work spent a very small amount of energy. Dry batteries for the bells were installed in the creation and hermetically covered with molten sulfur, so no one knows exactly how they are arranged. Working more than 170 years the tool is one of the longest continuous experiments in history."  Christ Church, one of the largest aristocratic College, University of Oxford. Founded in the year 1525 cardinal Thomas Wolsey ,built in 1546 by the orders of Henry VIII. This is the big and beautiful College Oxford. In his bell "Big Tom" call every night (101 blow), before it is announced on the closing of the gate. Thank you for your attention! Good luck!=)

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