Внеклассное мероприятие путешествие в сказочный мир

Внеклассное мероприятие

Учитель английского языка Павелко Татьяна Григорьевна
МБОУ СОШ № 7 Краснодарский край г-к Анапа
Внеклассное мероприятие
«Путешествие в сказочный мир»
1 Совершенствование навыков устной речи;
2 Активизация в речи лексических единиц по темам «Дом», «Характер»; грамматических структур- There is/ are, времен Simple, Present Continuous.
3 Тренировка навыков аудирования;
4 Поддержание интереса к изучению иностранного языка;
5 Воспитание в учащихся таких качеств, как милосердие, справедливость, порядочность.
Декорации (макет дома, рисунки комнат- спальни, гостиной, столовой, предметы мебели, посуды), костюмы для инсценировки сказки.
Storyteller: Good afternoon, everybody! I have a fine story for you. Look, a dog is sitting by the side of the road. What has happened to him?
Dog: (трагично) Oh, I am very sad. Every day now I grow older. I cannot hunt with my master. So, he wants to get rid of me. I ran away and now I don`t know to earn my bread.
But I see somebody in the middle of the road! (показывает, что смотрит вдаль и указывает на дорогу). Oh, It is a cat with a terribly sad face! (подходит к коту). Good day, dear!
Cat: Good day!
Dog: What`s the matter with you, Friend Cat?
Cat: I don`t know how to tell you! My mistress is angry that I don`t want to catch mice anymore. She says she will drown me. (Вздыхая). So I ran away. But now I don`t know what to do.
Dog: Come along with me to the town of Bremen and we`ll try to become musicians there!
Cat: I like your idea. Let`s go!
Storyteller: The dog and the cat were walking the whole day and the whole night and at last they came to a well-lighted cottage. The dog went up to the window and peeped in. (подходит и заглядывает в окно).
Cat: What do you see, my dear friend?
Dog: I see a table laid with food and drinks.
Cat: That`s just what we need.
Dog, Cat: Knock, knock, knock.
Fox: (в домике): Who is there?
Dog: I`m a Dog.
Cat: I`m a Cat.
Fox: Come in, please, my dear guests!
Dog, Cat (хором): What a beautiful house you have got!
Fox: Yes, I have. I can show you my modern-desighed rooms. This is my beautiful pink bedroom. I adore to lie on this wide soft bed. There are many pillows on my bed.
And this is my lovely living-room. It`s very comfortable to spend time here. I bought these two fashionable sofas last month. They are very cosy. In the middle of the living-room you can see a glass-table. And my neighbor presented me a vase with beautiful flowers.
Cat: You are lucky! And how many rooms are there in your house?
Fox: There are 3 rooms in my house: two bedrooms, a large living-room and a dining-room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hall.
Dog: What is your favourite room?
Fox: It is a kitchen or a dining-room, of course. Because I like eating very much. My kitchen is modern too. And do you have such a lovely house?
Dog, Cat: No, we don`t.
Dog: We ran away from our masters.
Cat: And now we haven`t got a house any more. Let us stay at your house!
Fox: No, no go away. I receive only rich guests. And now it`s time to have dinner for me. (садится за стол)
Storyteller: Look, the Fox is having her dinner. She has a plate of soup in front of her, a plate of porridge, a jug of milk, some butter and some sugar.
Fox: My soup is very good. I`ll put some butter in my porridge and some sugar in my milk. My porridge is sweet. And the plate is large.
Cat: Mrs. Fox, we are very, very hungry. Please, give us some soup.
Fox: Go away, go away. There is no soup for you.
Dog: (собака и кошка выходят из дома, собака заглядывает в окно) Mrs. Fox, do you like the weather?
Fox: Yes, I do.
Cat: Do you want to dance?
Fox: Yes, I do. But I don`t know how.
Cat: I can show you. Wait a little. (Runs away)
Storyteller: Look! The Cat is running to the village. A shoemaker lives there. The cat goes up the Shoemaker.
Cat: How do you do, Mr. Shoemaker!
Shoemaker: How do you do, Mrs. Cat! What can I do for you?
Cat: Have you a pair of red magic boots? I want to give them to the Fox.
Shoemaker: You are my friend, my dear Mrs. Cat. I will give you the magic boots. Here you are.
Cat: Thank you very much. Good-bye!
Shoemaker: Don`t mention it. Good-bye.
(Кот возвращается к лисице)
Cat: Mrs. Fox, put on these red boots. You can dance in them all night long.
(включают музыку. Лиса танцует, собака и кошка подбегают к столу и начинают есть)Storyteller: Now, the Fox is dancing and the Dog and the Cat are eating her dinner. But look: the Fox can`t stop!
Fox: Dear Dog, dear Cat, stop me! Please, stop me! I am very tired!
Dog: Oh, we can`t stop you The red boots are magic boots. You must dance all night long. And we`ll eat up your dinner.
Teacher: Boys and girls, tell me: What kind of story is it?
Pupils: It`s a tale.
Teacher: Are you sorry for the Fox? Why do you think so?
Pupils: I am not. I think the Fox is greedy. I don`t like greedy persons.
I think the Fox is unfriendly and boastful.
I think the Fox is selfish because she is thinks only about herself.
Teacher: What does the tale teach us?
Pupils: The tale teaches us not to be greedy, boastful.
We must be friendly.
We must help each other.
Teacher: Did you like the tale?
Now we`ll show you a piece from a fairy tale. It will be a mime. Look and guess the tale.
Звучит музыка. На сцене стоит стол и три стула, девочка появляется возле стола, садится поочередно на каждый стул. Подряд переворачивает их, пробует кашу из всех трех тарелок, отодвигает их.
Teacher: Do you know who lives in this house?
Can you tell me the name of this naughty girl?
What is the title of this fairy tale?
Teacher: One more task for you. Listen to the sentences from fairy tales. Clap your hands when you hear mistakes and correct them.
1 Little Red Riding Hood met a black wolf in the forest. The wolf lived in a little room.
2 Three little bears lost their mittens.
3 Cinderella didn`t want to dance with the Prince.
4 Naff-Naff, Nuff-Nuff and Niff-Niff were three little cats, who lived in a large house.
Thank you, everybody! You were real actors and real spectators. I hope you liked our performance. Good-bye and good luck!

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