Внклассное мероприятие

Нижегородская область
Шатковский муниципальный район
Муниципальное образовательное учреждение
Лесогорская средняя общеобразовательная школа
Методическая разработка внеклассного мероприятия по иностранному языку
“Virtual journey around the world”
Разработала: Котова Анна Александровна
учитель иностранного языка
МОУ Лесогорская СОШ
р.п. Лесогорск
Цель: познакомить учащихся с достопримечательностями англоязычных стран (Великобритании, США, Австралии) и России как наиболее привлекательных центров мирового туризма.
- формирование социокультурной компетенции учащихся;
- совершенствование компетенций говорения, чтения, аудирования.
- развитие умений творческой самопрезентации;
- расширение кругозора учащихся при подготовке внеклассных мероприятий на английском языке;
- развитие способности учащихся понимать и использовать английский язык в ситуациях, приближенных к действительности.
- углубление мотивации учащихся к изучению английского языка на уроке;
- вовлечение учащихся с разным уровнем владения языком – от низкого до высокого и создание условий для индивидуального развития каждого ребенка;
- создание условий для совместной деятельности учащихся разных возрастов, учителя и учащихся;
- формирование социальной компетенции школьников, создание условий для их общения и совместного творчества.
Оснащение занятий:
- компьютер для учителя, проектор, экран, компьютеры для команд, принтер
- карточки с заданиями для каждой команды;
- презентация учителя.
Guide 1: Ladies and gentlemen!
Guide 2: Welcome on board of our super comfortable and super modern jet plane Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.
Guide 1: We have invited Russian school children who are keen on English to take part in our virtual journey around the world.
Guide 2: Today three teams of tourist agencies have met here to find out which team knows English best and who can organize the best educational trio for students.
Guide 1: You know it’s difficult to travel with children. They want to know everything, and take pictures of everything. We should find the most intellectual, cooperative, friendly and musical team. Our respected jury is going to help us. The members of the jury are: Kulakova Olga, Sutulova July (11 form), Shibaeva Elena (10 form). Technical support is provided by Nazarov Arnold (11 form). But we don’t know anything about our teams. Let them introduce themselves.
Guide 2: the first contest is your home task-team presentation.
Guide 1: every team should show an advertisement with the name of your travel agency, staff and motto.
Contest 1 – team presentation
Every team makes their mini-presentation.
Guide 1: Our teams are ready for the fantastic trip. With the help of the English language we’re travelling to the English speaking countries around the world – Great Britain, Australia, USA and them coming back to our motherland – Russia.
Guide 2: During the trip our tourist managers should think fast. That’s why we are going to warm them up. The second contest is funny riddles. Every team will get two riddles. Find the answer to the riddle.
Contest 2 – funny riddles
Team 1
1. What is the last world in the English language?
a) zebra
b) English
c) language
2. Jane’s father has 4 daughters. Who is the fourth one?
a) East
b) North
c) Jane
Team 2
1. What goes up when the rain comes down?
a) a jacket
b) a mushroom
c) an umbrella
2. A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed two nights in the local hotels and left on Friday. How is that possible?
a) The cowboy’s horse was named Monday.
b) The cowboy’s horse was named Sunday.
c) The cowboy’s horse was named Friday.
Team 3
1. What seven-letter word has hundreds of letters in it?
a) a letter
b) a word
c) a mailbox
2. What is black and white and read all over?
a) a magazine
b) a letter
c) a newspaper
Guide 1: Nowadays it’s impossible to run your business without computers. The third contest is – flyer designing. Two people from every team should work on the computer and make greeting flyer to the participants of our show. Tenth form students will help you.
Contest 3 – flyer designing
Two participants from very team go to the laptop where an instructor – a 10th year students waits for them. On the desktop there is a file which students should use. They should make a flyer for the trip. When the flyer is ready, it is printed and shown to the audience and jury.
Sound of the jet plane
Guide 2: It’s time to start our journey. The first country is the UK
The national anthem of GB.
Guide 1: We are to read the tourist leaflets about London. Oh, something has happened! All lines are jumbled! Please, help us and match the parts of the sentences.
Contest 4 – London quiz
Team 1.
Match the parts of the sentences:
1. London is a wonderful a) exhibits, old markets, clean green parks and the best shops and nightclubs in Europe
2. It has great museums with priceless b) about 40 miles from the sea.
3. There is something c) for everyone.
4. London is on the river Thames d) place to be
Key: 1d, 2a, 3c, 4b.
Team 2
1. Now London has around 7 million a) everyday outside Buckingham Palace.
2. It is a financial and cultural centre b) or taxi to get to different places in the centre and around the town
3. You can travel on the bus, train, the underground c) people living in and around it.
4. You can see the Changing of the Guard d) but it is probably most famous for being the home of the British monarchy
Key: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4a
Team 3
1. London has 3 main airports: Heathrow a) which is the biggest, Gatwick and Stansted.
2. A lot of popular actors, actresses b) a man is tired of London, he is tired of London, he is tired of life”
3. Even if you do not see them in the street, you can “meet” c) and musicians live in London
4. Dr Johnson once said: “When” d) Them or other famous people as wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s
Key: 1a, 2c, 3d, 4b
Guide 2: London is wonderful! I could see so many tourist attractions. But I’m tired of people, noise, buses, and cars. I’ d like to go somewhere to see funny animals and nice people.
Guide 1: I’ve got a great idea! Let’ fly to Australia! We’ll see Aborigines and exotic animals.
The national anthem of Australia
Guide 2: While we are flying our tourist guides can do the next task – read the short texts about Australia and fill in the words from the box.
Contest 5 – exotic continent
Team 1
Aborigines (1)… in Australia. “Aborigines” means a first (2) ... . Aborigines came to (3)… over 40.000 years ago. These people didn’t (4)… or write. So, they haven’t history books to study. They kept their past in (5)… and stories. Aborigines believe in what they call dreaming. Aborigines didn’t build (6)… because they moved to new places hunting for (7)… . Today there are few true (8)… left. Their children now go to (9)… .
School, live, Australia, read, person, Aborigines, houses, songs, foods

Team 2
The koala is one of the (1)… known and most loved animals in Australia. (2)… live in highly wood areas. They are very fussy (3)… of eucalyptus leaves. Koalas seldom (4) …, as they get water from the diet of leaves. The Koala (5)… on a top of a tree for most of the day and (6) … at night. A koala lives for (7)… twelve years but they have been known (8)… live for over fifteen years in the (9) … .
Best, sleeps, to, koalas, zoos, eaters, feeds, about, drink
Team 3
Kangaroos (1) … in Australia. Two hundred years ago only Aborigines (2) … about Kangaroos. It the first time explorers and (3)… could see Kangaroos. Kangaroos are (4)… interesting animals. The main reason is their (5)… . Only in Australia and (6)… there are animals with porches. Kangaroos are the most (7)… animals with a porch and one of the most well-known (8) … in Australia. Their porch is for (9) … and growing babies.
New. Very, popular, South America, live, animals, porch, developing
Guide 1: You see, traveling around Australia is adventurous but I’m getting tired. It’s high time to have some rest. I’d like to go somewhere where I can hear cool music and see world-famous singers and groups.
Guide 2: I know, we can go to the USA. Most pop stars work and lives in the USA. Most musical hits are made in this country or become popular in the whole world after appearing in American hit parades.
American pop music
Guide 1: Welcome to our musical club! It’s the place where you can choose any music you want. Most famous American record companies gave us files with hits, but I don’t know, who sang these songs. In the musical contest you should listen to the songs and choose the names of singers or groups from the list.
Contest 6 – music marathon
Guide 2: It’s time for non-stop musical marathon. You will see a list of singers. Then you will hear their songs. There are 9 musical extracts. Every team listens to the extract in turn and guesses which song is whose. All in all, every team should tell us three names.
Key: 1. Madonna, 2. Shakira, 3. Byonce, 4. Pink, 5. Britney Spears, 6. Justine Timberlake, 7. 2Pac, 8. 50 cent, 9. Robbie Williams.
Guide 1: East or West, home is best. I miss Russia – it’s my native and favorite country. Let’s come back to Russia.
Russian classical music.
Guide 2: But how can we use English in Russia?
Guide 1: Don’t you know there are a lot of foreign tourists in Russia, for example in St. Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia. When you Walk along the street, you can easily meet a guest of our country who would like to know where the famous site is. Have you ever been in St. Petersburg?
Guide 2: No, but my friends gave me some beautiful photos. I don’t know the names of tourist attraction in St. Petersburg. Can our tourist managers help us?
Guide 1: Certainly! The next contest is the St Petersburg quiz. Choose the right answer and enjoy the beautiful sights.
Contest 7 – St. Petersburg sight
Team 1
1. St St. Petersburg was founded in …
a) 1603
b) 1703
c) 1803
2. St Petersburg is situated in the delta of the
a) Volga
b) Tzna
c) Neva
3. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) Ukraine
4. … is the heart of St. Petersburg
a) Petergoff
b) Kasanskij Cathedral
c) Palace square
Team 2
1. Winter Palace is the masterpiece of Palace Square. It was built by the great architect ….
a) Rustrelly
b) Voronihin
c) Grimm
2. This building has more than… .
a) 1000
b) 700
c) 1500 rooms
3. Kasanskij Cathedral was built by architect … .
a) Tresiny
b) Gerbel
c) Voronihin
4. there are o lot of beautiful monuments in St. Petersburg such as «Медный всадник» about which wrote …
a) Pushkin
b) Lomonosov
c) Gogol
Team 3
1. St. Petersburg’s people are proud of … .
a) The Louvre
b) The Tate Gallery
c) The Russian Museum
2. On the one bank of the Neva we can see…
a) Isaak Cathedral
b) Summer Garden
c) Petropavlovskaya Fortress.
3. People all over the world known suburbs of St. Petersburg, for example … .
a) Petergoff
b) Nikolskiy Cathedral
c) Mikhaylovskiy Palace
4. The saint patron of the city was… .
a) St Paul
b) St Peter
c) St George
Guide 1: Our jury is ready to announce the results of the contest and name the most intellectual, cooperative, friendly and musical team.
The jury reports the results of the contest. The winners are presented with the certificate.
Guide 2: Ladies and gentlemen! We are happy you were with us today. Our journey was successful, adventurous and Knowledgeable.
Guide 1: But what made our unbelievable trip so exciting?
Guide 2: Of course, the English language. Don’t forget that English is very important.
Guide 1: Because it always helps us travel all over the world.

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