Воцабулары 3

Family life
1. Reading
modern families
a nuclear/typical/average family
to be based on
to live in the same house
to be closely involved in
to spend all day at work
to make a decision
to earn/spend money
to manage the house
to obey parents
a couple
to start a family
to weaken
2. Listening
to aim at
to face dangers
to have access to
to get a feel for
to give advice to
a piece of advice
in case of
to stress smbto have problems in (doing)
to stay at home by oneself
to get back from school/work
to get home
to ensure their safety
siblingsto reach maturity
to be capable of
to be confident
to follow instructions
to handle emergencies
to establish some rules
to have a plan of actions
to have a trial period
to make smth available
to deal with situations

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