Презентация к уроку в 5-6классах: «День Рождения мультипликационного героя Mickey Mouse».

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Do you Know Mickey Mouse? It’s a mouse who typically wears red shorts , large yellow shoes, and white gloves.

It was created by Walt Disney in 1928.Mickey officially debuted in the short film “Steamboat Willie”, one of the first sound cartoons. Mickey first appeared animated in color in 1932. Mickey generally appears with his girlfriend Minnie Mouse his pet dog Pluto his friends Donald Duckand Goofy

…in 1978, Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? …Walt Disney, from 1929 to 1946, provided the original voices for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse? …Walt Disney originally called his creation Mortimer. …Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk. Mickey's first words were "Hot dog!“? …in all Mickey Mouse cartoons whether you look at him from front, back, or the side, his ears always look the same: two black circles on top of his head? …during World War II "Mickey Mouse" was used as a secret password between intelligence officers? …there is a sculpture ‘Celebration Mickey‘. It is made from 24-Karat gold and costs $4 million? HAPPY88 BIRTHDAY!!!

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