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Schools around the worldModule 3 Lesson a By I. Kukushkina Vocabulary Boarding school – школа-интернат Dread – бояться, страшиться Skills- умения A wide range – широкий выбор Extra-curricular – внеклассный Earn a living – зарабатывать на жизнь Attend – посещать Strict – строгий Old-fashioned – старомодный Participate – принимать участие Sit an exam – готовиться к экзаменам Catch up with – догонять Facilities – условия

Match the types of schools to the descriptions. 1. Boarding school 2. Single-sex school 3. co-educational school 4. State school 5. Private school 6. Specialist school A school for boys and girls. A school you usually have to pay to go to. A school students go to for a particular reason (e.g. to become actors) d. A school for only boys or only girls. e. A school owned by the government. f. A school which students live in during school term.

Which statements are true for your school? Students wear a school uniform. There are lots of rules. Facilities and equipment are good (e.g. libraries, science labs, sports equipment, computers…)The teachers are strict. Students are motivated. There is a selection of unusual subjects to choose from. Students sit a lot of exams. Most students take part in extra-curricular activities (e.g. drama, sports…)Students get a lot of homework. Most students live nearby. Match the headings to the parts of the text. To and from school. School rules. Education or No education Schools of every shape and size. Studying hours. Home schooling. Gap filling ex. 3 p. 47 Choose the best word for each gap. Then listen and check. Act out an interview between a British TV presenter and a student at your school.B D E A C To Around Earn Spend Up HoweverGet Make

True / False / Not StatedRugby School is a co-educational school.Training in some schools in China starts early in the morning. In Nepal some students have to walk for about an hour to get to school. In Korea and Greece students have to pay for additional private classes if they want to get to a good university. Some schools don’t have any rules. Eton College is a famous school for boys in Great Britain. In Japan students take part in cleaning of the school before the classes start. More than thirty million children in the world don’t go to school at all. NS T T T F T F F

Reflection / HomeworkName types of schools you remembered. H.W. Ex. 6 p. 47 – Write a short article about your school. Learn the words

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