Theatre and cinema: Is there anything in common?(Презентация к учебнику English-VII (Unit7), О.В.Афанасьевой, И.В.Михеевой)

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Is there anything in common?Презентация к учебнику English-VII, О.В.Афанасьевой, И.В.МихеевойСоставитель: Жукатинская Виктория Александровна, учитель английского языка, г.Липецк, МАОУ лицей №44,2016-2017 учебный год cinematheatre(pictures / movies)to go to theto watch a filmto watch a movieto see a filmto see a movieto watch/see a playto watch/see a balletto listen to an opera inside the cinema/theatre:


What are the people doing? Top cinemas in London

Top theatres in New York
What was your last visit to the theatre / cinema like? I went to ________ (which cinema/theatre …?)I/we watched ___(which film/play did you watch…?what kind of…?)I went there____________(who with…?) to ______(e.g.matinee)When I/we came there, I/we __________(what did you do/buy…?)After that I/we__________________(what did you do…?)Then I/we showed________________________(what…? to whom…?)When I/we entered the house______________ (what did you do…?)I/we had seats ______________________(where…?)It was/wasn’t comfortable to______________(what?)I/we enjoyed/didn’t enjoy _______________________(what?) because_______________ (why?)

Составитель: Жукатинская Виктория Александровна, учитель английского языка, г.Липецк, МАОУ лицей №44,2016-2017 учебный год
Тексты к слайдам презентации.
4) Rooftop Film Club
a cinema on the open air
night lights of London outside and watching favorite actors create something more than just a movie
the tickets should be booked in advance: the cinema on the roof it too popular.
3) Electric Cinema
was opened in 1911
survived two world wars
one of the most popular in London
while watching the film, visitors can call the waiter and order coffee with hand-made chocolate.
2) Odeon Leicester Square
the most famous cinema in Europe
the largest one in London
always full of famous public people and “average” Londoners and guests of the capital
the most “scandal” premieres are demonstrated here
to buy tickets to Odeon Leicester Square you will have to spend some time in the checkout line
the building features a 37-meter tower, which usually advertises the new movies
celebrities are the often visitors of Odeon.
1) BFI Imaxhas got the biggest screen in the UK (up five double-decker buses)
stunning sound
if you go to watch a movie in 3D, you will be given the special funny glasses
action movies, children’s cartoons and documentaries are demonstrated there
5) Broadway theatre
commonly known as Broadway
refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theatres with 500 or more seats located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway, New York City.
the great majority of Broadway shows are musicals.
6) The Metropolitan Opera
commonly referred to as "The Met
was founded in 1880
is the largest classical music organization in North America.

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