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Scottish national clothes Kilt
Belt & Buckle SporranKilt Pin GartersHose&Ghillie BroguesKilt Knife Tam o' Shanter Thank you for your attention

When we think about Scotland the first thing that comes to our minds is its unique national costume. And first of all – so called kilt. But kilt is not the only thing in the traditional costume of Scotland!
So, I’m going to tell some words about
Scottish national clothes.
When it comes to national costume, we don't think there's anything that can match

Scottish kilts!
They're colorful, exotic, stylish... and just extraordinary!
It's not only Scots who can say that the kilt is a national dress, but traditional kilts are recognized around the world as a symbol of Scotland. It is made from tartan fabric. In its most original form this cloth was usually about 5ft wide and could be up to 21ft long.
The fabric was wrapped around the wearers' waist, then fastened in place with a thick, leather belt.
The rest of the cloth was thrown over the shoulder.
This spare material could also be pulled up over the head and shoulders to protect from cold winds, and heavy rain or snow. It has changed a LOT now!!!

A real Scottish kilt should be made specially to fit a person. A kilt that isn't exactly the right size won't hang correctly. There are also accessories that give the total 'look'. These include :Jacket
Belt & Buckle
Kilt pin
Kilt hose
Garter Flashes
Ghillie Brogues
We can also add a hat and a Kilt Knife
Let’s talk about some of the items.

The Belt is traditionally made from leather with a silver buckle sometimes decorated with fine stones.
The Sporran from Gaelic means 'purse'. Kilts don't have pockets, so a sporran is where a man keeps his money, for example. It's made from leather or animal hide.
Kilt Pin is a small, decorative pin that is worn on the front panel of the kilt.

Garters. There was no elastic in those days and to keep the socks up Highlanders often tied some fabric or straw around the top of them to hold them up. Nowadays there is no need in them, but Scots keep the tradition.
Hose. The name of knee-length woollen socks.
Can be a single color, or with a pattern.
As to Shoes, they are known as Ghillie Brogues. Tese are leather shoes with laces, traditionally designed without a tongue.
Kilt Knife is called a 'Sgian Dubh'(pr: skian doo) which in Gaelic means a 'black knife'. It's a small knife, often decorated and traditionally kept inside the top of a man’s hose.

There is also a kind of a hat which is widely known as Tam o' Shanter. It is knitted or made of cloth and is worn tight around the brow but very loose on top with a bobble or pompom for decoration. They are mostly blue but now they go in different colours.
Women have their own way of dressing too. They generally wear skirts, but the length is different from kilts. They wear ankle length skirts, which are also made from tartan fabric. Along with the tartan skirt, they use a sash, which is also made from tartan cloth on the top or blouse that they wear. The shoes that women wear are also called ghillies, but the soles of them are much thinner. This makes it much more comfortable to wear inside the house and also to go dancing.
A kilt and especially tartan are symbols of Scottish culture and national pride
Historically, there was a relationship between a colour or a pattern and a particular geographical area or district. But in the 18th century it changed. This or that Clan could own a specific tartan pattern.

The kilt is 'the national costume' of Scotland, but it’s not an everyday suit.
It's most often worn on 'high days and holidays', for ceremonies and special occasions such as weddings, family parties, festivals, military processions and more.
The last time that kilts were worn in active combat was in 1940 (early in World War II), when the Royal Highland Regiment fought against the German army.

Today tartan is even more than just a national costume. It’s a kind of style, which is widely used all over the world. Many pop stars wear kilts. For example,
Johny Depp,
Puff DiddyKarl Lagerfeld
Mummii Troll
It is widely used in fashionable accessories.

And even in the world of dog fashion!!!

Thank you for your attention!!!

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