Презентация №5 «Спарта» к уроку английского языка «Историческая грамматика»: УМК М. Баранова, Д. Дули, В. В, Копылова, Р. П. Мильруд, В. Эванс. Звездный английский (5 класс): Модуль 5. Life in the Past.

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Spartamade by Dasha Tushina, Miya Galkovskay, Vladimir Kazantseff, 5В, Gymnasium 19, Kurgan

Sparta is a city-state. People built this city many years ago. It is a beautiful city-state. There were many houses in Sparta. They were not big. There was Acropolis in the centre of the city.
The traditions of SpartaIf a weak man was born, then people killed him, because he could not fight. Boys and girls trained a lot to be strong.People wore beautiful clothes. Men wore tunics, and on his feet there were sandals. Women wore nice dresses and shoes.

People liked to hunt. They killed different animals. Then they ate tasty meat. People liked to go fishing and to grow grapes or olives.

Воспитание детей в СпартеIn marriage, a Spartan could enter only after the permission of the community. And for a long time the newlyweds had to live separately. They did not even own their own children. Elders strictly examined the newborn, if there was any defect, the baby was left to die at the break of the Tayget mountain ridge. Education in ancient Sparta did not end with the advent of adulthood, but continued until mature return. The lawmaker and the threat of helots rebellion made Sparta a cohesive society that had not known the troubles for several centuries. But the payment for this became very high. Such a severe way of life and cruel education of children in ancient Sparta, led to a spiritual impoverishment of the people and the economic backwardness of Laconia in comparison with the other policies of Pellopones. The only thing that Sparta could create was a mighty army. Over time, Laconia became the mainstay of political reaction for the whole of ancient Greece.There were some sights in Sparta. One of them was the Big Theater. It was made of white marble. People loved to watch shows in theater.
Now we are in the place of Nafplion. We are watching its sights. There are birds, they are singing, because they can see new tourists there.There are many tourists today in Sparta, because they want to learn the history of Greece better.

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