Презентация на английском языке: «Японская и российская культура» (10-11 класс)

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Составитель: Измайлова Елизавета Алихановна ГБОУ гимназия №540 Санкт - Петербург 2012 г. How well do we know Japan? We buy products which are made in Japan. • A. cars • B. computers • C. cameras • D. mobile phones • E. All of the above What is not a Japanese delicacy? • A. Sushi • B. Sashimi • C. Onigiri • D. Origami • E.Teriyaki What do you call the Japanese alcoholic drink? • A. Arak • B. Rhum • C. Whiskey • D. Sake • E. Raki If you are in Japan and meet a Japanese, what do you do to show your politeness? • A. Shake hands with him/her. • B. Give him/her a kiss on the cheeks. • C. Wave your hand and say hello. • D. Bow your head. (45 degrees) • E. Make a Kowtow. (Kneel and bow your head with your hands stretched out touching the floor) If you enter an apartment or house in Japan, what would you do first? • A. Take off the hat. • B. Take off the clothes. • C. Keep the hat on. • D. Keep the clothes on. • E. Leave the shoes/sandals outside the door. Come in barefoot. Hopefully, you have socks or stockings. Which of these people don't use chopsticks? • A. Chinese • B. Japanese • C. Korean • D. Thai people • E. Indian Aside from Sake, what else do the Japanese people love to drink? • A. Milk • B. Coffee • C. Tea • D. Soft drinks • E. Energy drinks What is the national bird of Japan? Heron Crane Magpie Pheasant Partridge What is the national flower of Japan? • Rose • B. Tulip • C. Cherry Blossom • D. Jasmine • E. Lily What is the currency of Japan? • A. Won • B. Sen • C. Yen • D. Yuan • E. Japanese Peso About Russia Russia is the biggest country in the world, _____ the size of the USA • slightly bigger than • 2 times • 3 times • 4 times Which Russian leader founded St Petersburg, and moved the Russian capital there? • Catherine the Great • Nicholas II • Vladimir Lenin • Peter the Great Who is considered the greatest Russian poet? • Anna Pavlova • Alexander Pushkin • Garry Kasparov • Andrei Tarkovsky How many works of art does the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg have? • 300,000 • 700,000 • 1 million • 3 million Which city will host the 2014 Winter Olympics? • Moscow • Yekaterinburg • Perm • Sochi Which is one of the main ingredients in the Russian borshch ? • • Pumpkin • Fish • Vodka Which cars are Russian? What is Russia's most adored sport? • Football • Basketball • Icehockey • Athletics What cultural aspects of Japan are famous in Russia? Japanese culture in Russia

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