Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 11 классе «Права и обязанности» (2013г)

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия « Rights and Responsibilities» в 11 классе.

Валеева В.М., учитель английского языка 1 квалификационной категории.
Форма урока: ток-шоу «Lets’ speak»
Формирование политической культуры, общественного самосознания и активной жизненной позиции у учащихся посредством английского языка.
- систематизировать знания учащихся по теме « Права и обязанности»
-прививать интерес к изучению английского языка.
-развивать коммуникативные умения.
-воспитывать уважение к законам своей страны и стран, изучаемого языка.
Ход мероприятия.
1.Вступление. (1 слайд презентации)
S1 :Good afternoon everybody! We’re glad you have come to our everyweek show «» Welcome to our guests and audience! Every week we discuss very important and difficult questions. Our today’s theme is «Rights and Responsibilities» Let me introduce our special experts: the lowers and the psychologists. The lowers are : Anna Smith, Mrs.White , Janice NichaxenshtaynThe psychologist are: Mia Yomans, Miss Dunst, Mrs. Snell
2.Видео-ролик. (Приложение 1)
S2: Think about how often you drink clean water, eat food, go to school, say or write what you think, and practice your religion. These are all basic human rights. They are the same for everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, nationality or social class. They are extremely important, as they are about recognizing the value and dignity of all people, everywhere and at all the times!
S1: A shocking video has risen a wave of indignation recently.
S2:What do you mean? What’s the problem?
S1:I offer you to watch it yourselves. (Ролик о насилии в школе) Does this situation seem familiar to you? Raise the hands those persons who has ever faced to such problems?
S1: What should this boy do? Maybe he must tell his parents about this or complain his friends or psychologist will help him…..Obviously, the boy mustn’t be afraid and he can’t forget that everyone in our society has got his rights and responsibilities.
3.Ситуация ученик-ученик в школе. (Презентация.слайд2-9 )Jillian Foster:I wish my mother used to live in Surrey but we moved to Birmingham earlier this year. When I first went to Kingsbury School, the kids used to make fun of my southern accent, but I didn’t think much of it. Some of the boys would make remarks and play jokes as well. One day, a group of girls hid my shoes in the changing room after a sports lesson. Then they kept pushing their trainers in my face. I got so angry that I told the teacher. Well, Igot my shoes back but it made them so mad that they attacked me after class. I had so many bruises that I was taken to casualty for X-rays.
Mia Yomans, the psychologist: You aren’t alone, who has bullying in the school. And you shouldn’t blame yourself. Next, you try to find friends, because you will be sure with them. Usually, who is confident in himself, that haven’t bulling by the peers. You can begin to visit creative center and there make friends with member of study. It helps avoid problems of communication with people to you in future. And never give up.
Anna Smith, the lawyer: An educational institution is responsible for the minor when he is in school. Butabove all, it is a person who commits an offense, is responsible for it. This circumstance, in your case bulling, should be fixed in the order specified in the police. And it must be done soon.
4.Ситуация «Are you of age?» ( Презентация слайд 10)
S2: Ignorance in the field of the rights and obligations leads to conflicts in families. Our next guest wants to consult a psychologist. Let me introduce our next guests .Halmond-Good morning, miss Dunst. May I come in?
Dunst- Yes of course! Good morning. Introduce yourself, please.
H- My name is Mr. Halmond and this is my son Arti.
D – What’s your problem? Tell me please.
Arti – My father doesn’t allow me to walk at night. What should I do? Help me please.
D- I want to know father’s opinion about this problem. Mr. Halmond, why don’t you allow to your son to walk late?
H – Because he is too young and my wife and me are worried about our son.
D – Certainly, it’s a serious problem.
A – But my friend goes to the club every night and his parents don’t mind.
D – But how old is he?
A – He’s 19
D –And how old are you?
A – I’m 17
D –Difference between your ages is very small but your friend is of the age. And he can walk late, he doesn’t break the low. But you can’t.
H- Do you understand the psychologist, my son?
A –Yes, I do.
D –Arti, you shouldn’t argue with your father. He loves you very much, he worries about you.
A – But how long can I walk?
D- You can walk until 10 o’clock.
H-Thank you , miss Dunst, for your good advice. You help us, and I hope that now our relationships will become better.
D –I glad to help you. You’re welcome. Good bye.
5. Аудирование. (Учебник «Spotlight-11» стр 61. Приложение 2)
S1:It’s not the only problem which we can face in the family.According to the last surveys the teenagers don’t want to do household chores. Let’s listen to some of them to find out if it’s the true. (Выполнение аудирования) And what do think about this?
6. Ситуация « Домашние обязанности»
Tanya: As for me, I try to help my mum with household chores. You know, it is very hard school year, but I find free time to do washing up or ironing. I think we must help our parents because they have tired when they get home after work.
Gulnaz: As for as I am this year I haven’t been much of a helper about the house because I am too busy to do anything but learn unfortunately my elder brother is a perfect good-for-nothing. He always disappears when it’s time to do the washing up or something else.
7.Ситуация «Лотерея»
S1:A very unusual guests has come to join our discussion. Meet Mrs. Lotman from Australia.
L- A couple of months ago, I received a letter out of the blue saying I had won a prize in an international lottery. I could not even remember buying a ticket. Anyway , I contacted the people the letter was from, who asked me to send them a «fee» to process my winnings. Like an idiot, I fell for it and send them the money. I realized it was a scam when I did not hear from them again. So, basically, the «prize»does not exist. These terrible fraudsters are just trying to trick gullible people into sending them money. The police say that they have been investigating this crime for a while now, but they have not found the culprits yet.
Mrs. White, a lawyer: Well, the story is quite common these days, as these letters are becoming more and more popular among fraudsters. Mrs.Lotman was right to call the police. However, it is not easy to catch con man because there is not enough evidence. Here is some easy tips which will help you not to fall for the bait of fraudsters.
So, how to identify real lottery from flimflam lottery? You must watch out, if
- You have never taken part in this lottery but you got a confirmation about prize you have won.
- Instead of phone call you got a text message asking to call somebody.
- You are asked to transfer your money under the pretence that it’s a special tax for your winning.
But what can you do if you have already been tricked by fraudsters?
- Try to recall all dates, telephone numbers and names of tricksters and write a statement to a police about any attempt to perpetrate a crime. Try to do it as quick as it possible because it’s easier to investigate a crime when the trails are hot.
But the main rule is not to answer to doubtful massagers. You should just ignore them.
Mrs. Snell, a psychologist: Let’s relax a little. (Музыкальная пауза. Приложение 3)
In this situation you are right. Just relax and do not think about it. Imagine that it is just a nightmare. You are strong person, and you can do everything. Believe in yourself, and everything will be all right.
8. Презентация « Права в Австралии»(слайд 11-16)And what about rights in Australia? Pay attention to the screen, please.
9 История о нападении
S2: Let me introduce our next guest. (История о нападении) Violence is impossible in any countries. Our expert couldn’t come to our show but we have possibility to chat with him online. A famous sportsman from the U.K. is ready to share his experience in this questions.
Jake: It was late and the street were empty as I was going home after my lessons of physic. Then suddenly someone came behind my back and tried to grab my bag. To be honest , I was at a loss, but I didn’t give it to him. He took out a knife and held it to my throat. I understood that if I hadn’t been giving him what he wants, he would to attacked me. Finally I gave him my bag, because life is more important and he run away. Unfortunately, I didn’t see his face, because he was wearing a mask. What can you say about it?
Mr. Brown, a sportsman(Приложение 4): Two years ago I was attacked by unknown robber . But unfortunately for him he didn’t know that I was good at martial art.
I think it’s important to be in good shape and to stay healthy and fit. If you want o be strong physically you can go to a fitness club or a swimming pool. Physical exercises strengthen your muscles and you will be able to defend yourself in any situation.
10. Crossword (слайд 17)
S1: And now, let’s relax a little. Complete the crossword. It will help you to find out more new words about crime.
11. Ситуация « Проблема с работодателем, невыплата зарплаты»
S2: Well, meet our last guest. She is 17 and she has a part-time job.
Miss Bling : During my last holidays I decided to spend my time with benefit so I found a very interesting pastime job as a special messenger in local newspaper. The work was fascinating because I always was in the center of all events. On the other hand, this work was exhausting, because I needed to be foot all day. I often was forced to stay at work late, regardless the fact that teenager must work only 36 hours a week according to Working Code, but I wasn’t paid for working over time. Then I decided to walk about my problem with me employer, but she ignored me. Now I’m here to ask for advice.
Janice Nichaxenshtayn, a lower : This problem is often in a lower’s practice. People dream to find a way to give a little and get a lot. But it’s impossible to make in an honest way. You can write a complaint to your director, where you must inform about specific, number of working hours, dates of receiving payments and the other things. You can write about it from the first day of delay. Magic words in your case are “State Labour Inspectorate”, “Interest for the delay in salary”, and “The Criminal Code, Article 145 of ca.” I hope you, Miss Bling, solve your problem. Don’t forget: Road by walking!
12.Заключение(слайд 18-21)
S1: The questions we’ve discussed today are very important and necessary for every person. We hope you’ve got much useful information which will help you in your future life. We want to give you prospects with some rights and responsibilities. Remember and don’t forget about them.( На доске слайд)

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

Student Rights AndResponsibilities RIGHTI have the right to be safe. RIGHTI have the right to be myself, to be happy and to be treated with understanding, respect and courtesy. RIGHTI have the right to obtain maximum benefit from lessons and other organised school activities. RIGHTI have a right to be informed as to what is happening at school. RESPONSIBILITYI have the responsibility to participate in a positive manner in all school activities and not to behave in a way that interferes with other students’ right to learn or my teachers’ right to teach. RESPONSIBILITYI have the responsibility to make the school a safe place for myself and others RESPONSIBILITYResponsibility to wear a uniform RESPONSIBILITYI have the responsibility to care for the school environment, not to litter school premises, deface or damage furniture Are You of Age?At sixteenYou can leave school. You can enter a bar, but you can only buy soft drinks(non-alcoholic). The law makes you responsible for you criminal actions.At seventeenThe law permits you to work full-time, if you have left school. You can leave home without your parents’ consent.At eighteenYou are an adult. You can get a license to drive a car and ride a motorbike. Boys can join the army. You can get married, vote, borrow money from a bank. Your rights and responsibilitiesThe individual and the law the nature of individual rights and responsibilitiesRightsare entitlements or permissions that can be either legal or moral in naturelegal rights are enforceable by law through the courts – for the right to exist it must be contained in and protected by the lawmoral rights derive from one’s own morals, values or ethics and are not enforceable by law
values in australiarespect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individualfreedom of speechfreedom of religion and secular governmentfreedom of associationsupport for parliamentary democracy and the rule of lawequality under the lawequality of men and womenequality of opportunity
Responsibilities are legal or moral obligations or duties that a person may have to another personlegal responsibilities are enforceable by lawwhere there is a right, there will often be a corresponding responsibility
A bill of rights is a formal document that officially enshrines the minimum human rights that every citizen is entitled to, and binds the government to comply with those rights.Bill of rights
What are Human Rights? 'Human Rights' are the rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, whatever their nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, language, or any other status.
Why do we need Rights? Our human rights not only affect matters concerning life and death but also affect our rights in everyday life. We need rights to protect us not just from torture or slavery, but also in what we say, what we believe in, how we are educated and how we lead our private lives. Human rights are an important part of how people interact with others at all levels of society. They are about respect, fairness, justice and equality. Respect for human rights helps build strong communities, based on equality and tolerance in which everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

What are Responsibilities? We cannot have rights without taking on responsibilities too. One of the opening sentences of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights tells us that we should all treat each other “in a spirit of brotherhood”. Our world is getting smaller and more inter-dependent. As citizens, not just of the UK but also of the world, we have the responsibility to respect the rights of others. In addition to this, we must not exercise our rights in a way which might stop other people from being able to exercise or enjoy theirs.

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