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МБОУ «Волоконовская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2 им. Героя Советского Союза генерал-майора И. С. Лазаренко Волоконовского района Белгородской области»
Сочинение на тему
«A tour round Volokonovka»
Автор:Леонтьева Олеся Олеговна, ученица 7 «А» класса
Учитель: Колтунова А.А., учитель английского языка
Волоконовка, 2012
A tour round Volokonovka!
Hello, my dear friends! I live in Volokonovka, a small town in the south of Russia. Have you ever been to Volokonovka? What is it? You say ‘No’? Oh, that is too bad!
Lucky you! Right now, we invite you on a tour round our hometown, the town of our heart.
41021031750Let us start our trip from the monument to Duke Grigory Volkonsky. According to one of the legends, he, the former owner of this land, founded town Volokonovka in the 18th century. Originally, its name was village Krasnaya.
Behind the monument there is a great attraction for the youth of our town. What is it, what do you think? No, it’s neither a disco, nor a cinema actually. It is a new sport centre.
Come on, I want to show you the heart of my town, the Alley of Glory in the Central Public Garden. Oh, by the way, NOW we are passing the disco. It’s a local Community Centre. Let’s get inside. Maybe there is an interesting exhibition there. Sometimes you can watch a movie there too, or a play of our local theatre.
40068548260Here we are at last! The Central Public Garden with the Alley of Glory. A lovely place to walk or to sit on a bench and enjoy the view. There are also a few fountains there, which are extremely nice when it’s hot outside. And the green figures of swans made of running plants are really cute!
309308554610Just look around. The centre of my town is an amazing combination of old imposing buildings and modern shopping centers. This very building is special. Originally there were four buildings looking alike in the town. They were built in the 19th century by a rich merchant Potudanov. These buildings used to form an accurate square.
52184301049020Do you hear the bells? These are the bells of the Church of Assumption. The church is a masterpiece of architecture, built in 1887 on the money of the church members, merchants and manufacturers. The church and the gates are totally a work of the local craftsmen. Recently the church was restored to its former glory. And friendly speaking, it’s one of the churches you have to see! Look, isn’t it beautiful?
3911602540Let’s go to the park. Actually, it’s a kind of a wood, an example of a wild and magnificent nature. Lots of trees, flowers, birds are singing. But don’t pick rare species of flowers and other plants! If we don’t spare them, they might disappear.
44196013970The park is on the River Oskol. There are a lot of graceful bridges, isolated pavilions and benches. Would you like to go to the Amusement Park? It’s just over the pedant bridge. A pendant bridge might make you feel a little dizzy, but it’s fun too.
3093085177165Sitting at the top of the Big Wheel you can see the whole town. Look around; see those hills embracing the town? Some of them are white. They are made of chalk. Archeologists used to find the relics of the past there. These were the weapons and cloths belonging to the primitive men. Just imagine that your or my ancestors jumped up and down those hills, hunting animals!
42926013970What plane are you talking about? Oh, it’s not actually a plane but a monument to the pilots of the Great Patriotic War. You know, we still remember and honour the heroes of that war. You saw the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alley of Glory, right? Such monuments could be seen in every village.
Well, this is the end of our trip round Volokonovka. A tiny spot on the map of Russia − the whole world for those who live here. Did you like it here? Would you like to come back one day? I thought so.
So, welcome to Volokonovka!

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