Урок-презентация по теме «Personal Information» для пилотов гражданской авиации

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Урок-презентация по теме «Personal Information»Автор: Панфилова Елена НиколаевнаАрхангельский авиационный учебный центр Архангельск, 2015 г. UNIT 1 PERSONAL INFORMATION INTRODUCEпредставляться NAMEимя SURNAMEфамилия PATRONYMICотчество AGEвозраст HOW OLD ARE YOU?Сколько Вам лет? PLACE OF BIRTHместо рождения WHERE WERE YOU BORN?Где Вы родились? WAS BORN IN родился в … (год, место) COME FROMбыть родом из MARRIEDженат, замужем SINGLEнеженат, не замужем WORK FORработать в … CURRENT POSITIONзанимаемая должность FLYING EXPERIENCEналет EXPERIENCEDопытный TO BE ENDORSEDбыть допущенным ENDORSEMENTдопуск DOMESTIC ROUTESвнутренние маршруты INTERATIONAL ROUTESмеждународные маршруты TO BRING UP CHILDRENвоспитывать детей TO TAKE CARE OFзаботиться о … A RELIABLE PERSONнадежный человек A CALM PERSONспокойный человек A BALANCED PERSONуравновешенный человек TO HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOURиметь хорошее чувство юмора Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Mary, my surname is Petrova, my patronymic is Ivanovna. I come from Moscow, Russia. I was born there. I am 37 years old. I am a pilot with Happy Airlines company. My current position is a first officer. My flying experience is 500 hours. So, I'm not a very experienced pilot. I am endorsed to fly Boeing 737 and Boeing 747. I usually fly on domestic routes from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk. As for my family, I'm married. My husband's name is Peter, he works as an air traffic controller at Vnukovo airport. We have a son. His name is Mark, he is 5 years old. Mark's grandfathers and grandmothers help us a lot in bringing up our son. Now let me introduce my Captain. This is our Captain. His name is Dmitry, his surname is Nilov. His patronymic is Ivanovich.He is a very experienced pilot. He has flown for about 30 years. He is endorsed to fly many different types of aircraft. He has been working for Happy Airlines company since 1980. Dmitry has a large family who live in Moscow. His wife's name is Kate. She's retired and takes care of their grandchildren. Dmitry and Kate have got 5 grandchildren: two granddaughters and three grandsons. Their elder daughter works as a sales manager for our company. Their middle daughter is a Purser also with our airlines, and their son is a helicopter pilot with an airlines company in Siberia. Dmitry is a very reliable person, he's calm, balanced and with a good sense of humour. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS WHAT’S YOUR NAME? CAN YOU SPELL THAT? WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A PILOT? WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT POSITION? CAN YOU TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FLYING FOR YOUR AIRLINES COMPANY? WHAT ROUTES DO YOU FLY ON? WHAT KIND OF AIRCRAFT DO YOU FLY? HOW MANY FLYING HOURS DO YOU HAVE? WHAT TYPES OF AIRCRAFT ARE YOU ENDORSED TO FLY? WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK FOR OUR COMPANY?

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