сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Яблочная вечеринка»

Cценарий внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке «Яблочная вечеринка» для учащихся 2-3 классов
Составлена Штельмахиной Натальей Викторовной
учительницей английского языка
МБОУ «Гимназия №11» Ленинградской области, города Выборга
Цели проведения мероприятия:
повышение интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка;
обогащение лексического банка учащихся по теме «Времена года»;
раскрытие творческих способностей детей;
воспитание уважительного и толерантного отношения к другой культуре.
Учитель: Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning, dear guests. Glad to see you. I know that you are going to have an “Apple Party” today. I also like apples very much and I know much about fruit because I live in Fruit Country and my address is: Fruit Country, Apple Street, 5. I live in a small lovely cottage and there are many apple trees in my garden. I’m a magician and I’d like to be the leader of your party. But I see that you don’t believe me. I am really a magician and I can prove it. Do you want to compete and play today?
Ученики: Yes. No.
Учитель: Some of you don’t want to compete and play games. But I have got a magi apple and it will help me. (Учитель берет в руки яблоко и произносит «заклинание»).
Alle, malle, mapple,
Help me, magic apple.
Do you want to compete and t play games now?
Ученики: Yes, we do.
Учитель: Good luck then! And let’s start. I know that you have chosen captains. Our first contest is the captains’ one. The captains are welcome!
1. Complete my sentences:
The fruit was … (cheap, expensive, tasty, good, not bad, excellent, fantastic, nice, lovely, beautiful, really good, big, small, green, red, yellow, sweet).
2. Listen to the poem (counting rhyme) and remember it, then compose your own poem with bananas, plums, etc.
One apple,
Two apples,
Three apples,
Five apples,
Six apples,
Seven apples,
Bad one.
But we are going to play different games too. And the first game is called “FRUIT BASKET”. What fruit do you know?
(Ученики называют фрукты. В игре принимают участие девять учеников. Они получают карточки с названиями фруктов).
Учитель: Autumn is my favourite season because I like fruit. Do you like fruit? Do you like oranges? You are an orange. Do you like plums? You are a plum, etc. Form a ring and squat down. What a wonderful fruit basket you can make: Apple, changes places with Orange. (Пока фрукты меняются местами, капитан пытается сесть. Ученик, не успевший занять место, становится капитаном).
Nine players are given cards with the names of fruit. The players form a ring and squat down. The leader names the fruit and the player introduces himself. Then the fruit again change places and the leader tries to take a seat. The pupil left without a seat becomes “It” (a leader).
Учитель: Our next contest is rather difficult. You have to form 5 words. I have prepared the cards with letters. (The words are: Fruit, lemon, melon, cherry, apple). While they are making words we can play a very interesting game. I want to see how deft you are. You have to reach the chairs and go back with the apple in a spoon. Try not to loose the apple. Line up and begin at my signal: “Ready, steady, go!” (Those who are the first can score extra points for the team). This contest will be the most interesting one. I want you to complete my sentences and to compose fairy-tales about my Fruit Country. You can also add something. Good luck.
Now I need one competitor from each team to compose fairy-tales. Their task is to complete the sentences:
Once upon a time there was Fruit Country. King and Princess … lived there. Princess… liked … very much. Her friend… lived in… Once a strong wind carried all… away. But Princess… couldn’t live without … and she was ill. Her friend… knew where the kind witch lived. She went there by… and brought magic… . It took her… to get there. And Princess… was happy.
(После того как участники дополнили сказку, они ее зачитывают).
Учитель: And at last the funny contest for you. I need two pupils. Hold your hands behind your backs and eat apples. The winner will score extra points for his team. (Жюри объявляет общий балл).
Учитель: Our contest ended with the total score at… The team “… Apples” has scored a success in contests. But “… Apples” were active in games and scored extra points for the team. Thank you very much for the interesting party. But I have to come back to my Fruit Country. Goodbye and thanks a lot.
Ученики: Goodbye. Come and see us some other day.

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