упражнения по грамматике в формате ЕГЭ

Упражнения по грамматике в формате ЕГЭ
1 Nick __________ to Moscow next week.
2 I ________ at the lesson yesterday.
3 At the station they will ________ by a man from the travel agency.
4 At the station they ___________ a man from the travel agency.
5 Thousands of houses __________ during the great fire of London.
6 The porter ____________ your luggage to your room in some minutes. BRING
7 Your luggage ____________ up in the lift in some minutes.
8 The little boat ________ out to sea.
9 You __________ me this book long ago.
10 Everybody _________ to the lecturer with great attention.
11 Yesterday he ___________ to prepare a speech.
12 It seems to me that music _________ from the next room.
13 We ________ Zhukovsky the father of Russian aviation.
14 The answer to this question can ________ in the encyclopedia.
15 A taxi __________ fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any moment.
16 The hall ____________ for the party just now.
17 This new dictionary __________ everywhere now.
18 He said that Grandmother’s letters _____________ the day before.
19 Two new engineers _________ just to the head of the department.
20 I am sure I _________ at the lesson tomorrow.
21 One of my friends ________ me to the cinema last week. TAKE
22 The newspaper said that an interesting exhibition _________ at the Hermitage the next week. OPEN
23 They __________ excellent shelters for tourists in these mountains. BUILD
24 Somebody ___________ the door and after some time coffee ___________.
25 Sue _________ to have complete rest after her heart attack and her mother _________ to send her to Sochi for three months.
26 Those young mothers ________ after their babies with great care. LOOK
27 Bessie’s father ________ her a complete set of Walter Scott’s works for her last birthday. GIVE
28 Don’t worry, everything will be all right; the children _______ to the theatre by the teacher and they________ back to school in the evening.
29 This mountain _______ never before.
30 Invitations _______ to all the former pupils to be attend the reunion party.
1 It _________ any more now. NOT RAIN
2 It _________ too often in our area in autumn. RAIN
3 Andrea Schatzman, a student from Switzerland, __________ with the Connor family in San Francisco. LIVE
4 She _________ for you for an hour already. WAIT
5 My working day usually _________ at seven. BEGIN
6 It ______ her two hours to do her homework. TAKE
7 Look at the sky: the clouds ______ slowly, the sun _______ from behind the clouds, it _______ warmer. MOVE, APPEAR, GET
8 He ________ well in a hotel room, he __________ to sleep in his own bed. NOT SLEEP, PREFER
9 You _________ to my place next Sunday? COME
10 Kerrie ___________ coffee, she usually ___________ a cup of tea for breakfast. NOT DRINK, HAVE
11 You ever ___________ presents? BUY
12 They ___________ in the garden for three hours. WORK
13 Where are children? – They _________ in the garden. PLAY
14 They ___________ in Sochi for three years already. LIVE
15 How long they __________ in Sochi yet? LIVE
16 He ___________ full day. NOT WORK
17 They ____________ at the party by 5 pm. ARRIVE
18 Nick __________ now, he __________ his uncle in the garage. NOT REST, HELP
19 Look! The kitten ___________ with its tail. PLAY
20 You _________ to the members of your family every day? – Yes. But yesterday I ________ to them. I _________ very busy. TALK, NOT TALK, BE
21 My granddad ___________ this house many years ago. BUILD
22 Tom always ________ sandwiches for breakfast. But today he ___________ breakfast because he ___________ late. EAT, NOT HAVE, GET UP
23 I _________ there next year because it ______ a lot of money and I can’t effort it. NOT GO, COST
24 I __________ him since childhood. KNOW
25 We ___________ never to Paris.
26 Last Tuesday he _____ upset and ______ no idea where to go. BE, HAVE
27 What ___________ you now? – I __________ juice. DO, DRINK
28 When I ________ to school the day before yesterday, I ______ Mike and Pete. GO, MEET
29 Why she ________ now? - I __________. CRY, NOT KNOW.
30 When Henry ________ about in the forest, he ________ a bear cub. WALK, FIND
31 When John ________ the street, he _________ and __________ his key. CROSS, FALL, DROP
32 When I ________ home, my brother __________TV. COME, WATCH.
33 While Sue ___________ potatoes for soup, her mum _________ onion and carrots. PEEL, CHOP
34 We usually _________ the floor in our flat on Friday. WASH
35 We ___________ the floor yesterday.
36 We ____________the floor today. WASH
37 We ____________ the floor for an hour already.
38 Recently we ____________ our flat.
39 He always ___________ an honest man. BE
40 He _______ at the computer the whole day yesterday. SIT
1 We didn’t know where our friends _______ every evening.
2 We found out that she _______ home at eight o’clock every evening.
3 We found out that she _________ home at eight o’clock yesterday.
4 She told that she ________ for London next week.
5 When he learnt that his son always _______ excellent marks in all the subjects at school, he was very pleased. RECEIVE
6 He says he _________ us the photos he took during his stay in the Caucasus.
7 My friend asked me who __________ the piano in the sitting room.
8 I want to know what he __________ for her birthday.
9 I thought that I _________ my work by that time.
10 I knew they _________ for me at the station and I decided to hurry.
11 They say they _________ a letter when they return home. WRITE
12 Nick says he ____________ to the hotel to see his friends who ____________ in St Petersburg from the US. GO, ARRIVE
13 They realized that they ___________ their way in the dark.
14 She said she _________ not tell me the right time, her watch _______ wrong. CAN, BE
15 The delegates were told that the guide just _________ out and ______ back in ten minutes. GO, BE
16 He understood that the soldiers _________ him. ARREST
17 Julian asked if they ________ the sick man to the hospital yet. TAKE
18 John asked Mary if she _________ afraid of thunderstorm.
19 Nick wanted to know if Helen __________ him her book.
20 When I __________ home, my mother told me that a friend of mine _______ on me half an hour before. COME, CALL
21 He told me that he _________ that watch the day before. BUY
22 Mike says he __________ Dickens’ novels very much. LIKE
23 Mike said he __________ Dickens’ novels very much. LIKE
24 Mike said that he __________ Dickens’ novels very much when he studied at university. LIKE
25 Mike was sure that I ___________ Dickens’ novels if I read them. LIKE
26 He told me that he ________ able to ring me up because he _________ my number. NOT BE, NOT HAVE
27 He said that he ________ a sport club last week. JOIN
28 He asked his friend if he often ___________ to England. GO
29 I’d like to know if they __________ in London till Sunday. STAY
30 He tells us that he __________ Sue today. SEE
1 The weather today is __________ than yesterday. BAD
2 This week I feel ___________ than last week.
3 London is ___________ than Paris. BIG
4 Some people are ____________ than the others. HONEST
5 Ted is the ____________ pupil in their class.
6 Today is the ____________ day in Sue’s life. HAPPY
7 She has the _______________ voice of all contest participants.
8 In the city the rivers are __________ than in the country.
9 This year he studies ____________ at school than last year.
10 That was his ______________ project.
11 I will go by metro. It is ________________ than the car for a big city. COMFORTABLE
12 It is said that girls are _____________ than boys. CLEVER
13 The air in the morning is ____________ than in the daytime. COOL
14 I am going to put on the _____________ dress I have in my wardrobe for the party tomorrow. ELEGANT
15 The _____________ information you can get next at our next meeting. FAR
16 Physics is not as _____________ as chemistry for him. HARD
17 I’d like to see your ____________ result. GOOD
17 Chris is not as ______________ as his younger brother. SERIOUS
18 This year we have ____________ fruit in our garden than last year.
19 August is the _____________ summer month in our area.
20 Pushkin is the _____________ Russian poet.

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