Emma (After Jane Austen)

(After Jane Austen)
Сценарий спектакля. Составитель – Зуева Н.А.
Scene 1
(Emma, Mr. Knightly, Emma’s father)
Emma: Shall I tell you about Miss Taylor’s wedding, Mr. Knightly?
Father: Poor Emma. She misses Miss Taylor very much.
Mr. Knightly: Of course Emma misses her friend. But I’m sure she is happy that Miss Taylor has married.
Emma: Yes, I am. And don’t forget that they married because of me. I decided it four years ago when you all said that Mr. Weston didn’t want to marry again.
Father: Oh, dear. Please, don’t matchmake any more, Emma. Things always happen as you say they will.
Emma: But, Papa, I love matchmaking.
Mr. Knightly: Mr. Weston married Miss Taylor because he loves her and she loves him, not because he met her through you.
Emma: But, Mr. Knightly, I knew how they felt before they knew it themselves. That is the secret of a good matchmaker!
Father: Well, Mr. Knightly, won’t you help me? I would like to have a short walk before the tea.
Mr. Knightly: With pleasure, Mr. Woodhouse. I’m at your service.
Scene 2
(Emma and Harriet)
Harriet: Good afternoon, Miss Emma.
Emma: Oh, Harriet! How sweet of you to come. We have just talked about the Westons. Do you know that Mr. Weston’s son, Frank, is going to visit us soon? Isn’t it interesting for you?
Harriet: Of course, it is. Suppose Mr. Weston is enormously glad. But I would also like to tell you about something. I have just been on a visit at the Martins, the friends of mine. You see, Mr. Robert Martin is so handsome and so kind to me!
Emma: But he is a farmer! No, Harriet, he isn’t the right man for you. I’ll take care of you. I’ll find the proper man.
Scene 3
(Emma, Harriet)
Emma: Harriet? What has happened? You are so exited! Is there something wrong with you?
Harriet: Oh, Miss Emma! I was just going to your place, and was alone on the road. But suddenly those awful gypsy children appeared from nowhere. They began chasing me. I was so frightened! I really didn’t know what to do.
Emma: How terrible! And there was nobody to help you.
Harriet: But there was! It was Mr. Frank Churchill who had helped me. He rescued me and chased the gypsies away.
Emma: What an adventure! How nice of him! He is a real gentleman.
Harriet: You are perfectly true, Miss Emma!
Scene 4
(Mr. Knightly, Emma)
Mr. Knightly: Emma, aren’t you matchmaking again?
Emma: What do you mean, Mr. Knightly?
Mr. Knightly: I mean Harriet. It seems to me, you don’t want her to marry Mr. Martin. He is a friend of mine, and he loves her. But she said him “No”.
Emma: No wonder. He is a mere farmer. And she is worth something better!
Mr. Knightly: You are not right. You shouldn’t interfere. It’s up to them to decide.
Emma: But not long ago she herself told me that she didn’t think of Mr. Martin more. There is another man she thinks of. She added he could never love her, but I think otherwise. Perhaps he is the man for her.
Mr. Knightly: Do you know the name?
Emma: I can guess. But I’ve said we mustn’t do anything until we are sure that he feels the same as she. This is our secret and we won’t talk about it again. We will wait and watch.
Scene 5
(Emma, Harriet)
Harriet: Well, Miss Emma, have you heard about Frank? He is going to marry Jane Fairfax.
Emma: You know?
Harriet: Yes, Mr. Weston has just told me. I didn’t know that they were engaged. Isn’t it exciting?
Emma: Harriet, I don’t understand. I thought that you would be upset to hear the news. I thought that you and Frank…
Harriet: What do you mean? You don’t think that I’m interested in Frank, do you? You know who I like! I know that he is much older and richer than me, but… you told me that perhaps he was the man for me!
Emma: Harriet, you don’t mean Mr. Knightly, do you?
Harriet: Why! Of course I do!
Emma: But … when we talked of it, I thought that you meant Frank – because he rescued you from the gypsies.
Harriet: Of course I didn’t mean Frank, Miss Emma! I was talking about Mr. Knightly. He is so kind and attentive to me. I am sure that he feels the same about me as I feel about him.
Emma: I can’t believe! I’m so mistaken!
Scene 6
(Emma, Mr. Knightly)
Emma: Mr. Knightly, we have had some news since you have been in London. We will soon have a wedding in Highbury.
Mr. Knightly: I know, Emma. I have heard. But I have something that I need to say to you. Emma, we are friends, and I believe that you understand me better than anyone in the world. My dear Emma, I love you and I have always loved you. Will you marry me?
Emma: You love me? Not Harriet? I thought that you can’t love me because you are often cross with me when I do something wrong. Of course I will marry you, Mr. Knightly. I love you more than anyone!
Mr. Knightly: Thank you, dear. I am the happiest man in the world! And don’t worry about Harriet. I’ve got a letter from Robert Martin. He and Harriet are now engaged!
Emma: Oh, Mr. Knightly, this is wonderful news! I hope that they will be able to forgive me for always thinking I know best. Mr. Martin is a good man, and I believe Harriet has always loved him.
Mr. Knightly: I’m glad that you have realized it, my beautiful Emma!
The End

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