Урок «Countries and nationalities» для 5 класса.

Countries and nationalities.Цели урока:
- развитие навыков аудирования и произношения
- развитие навыков применять полученную информацию на основе изученного материала
-развитие навыков устной речи
- развитие кругозора
- развитие умения работать самостоятельно
Оборудования: компьютер, экран, доска, аудиодиск.
Ход урока:
I Организационный момент.Good morning dear boys and girls. I am glad to welcome you at the lesson. How are you? I am glad you are fine.
II Введение в тему урока.Учащимся демонстрируется картинка с изображением земного шара и людей разных национальностей.
What do you think what the theme of our lesson is?
( ответ учеников)
You are right. The theme of our lesson today is ‘Countries and nationalities.’ At the lesson you ‘ll study different countries and the nationalities of people that live there. After that you ‘ll do some exercises in your exercise books to check your knowledge. And you’ll get some marks.
III Фонетическая зарядка
Feed the kitten and go to _________. (Britain)
Take your chance and go to ______. (France)
Catch a train and go to _______. (Spain)
Buy some cheese and go to _______. (Greece).
IV Активизация нового лексического материала.4.1
Do you like to travel?
What countries do you know?
Who lives in Italy/ Poland/ Greece/ Great Britain/ Russia?
4.2 Let’s listen to the names of countries and nationalities. Repeat after the speaker. Ex.1a p.36
And now repeat the country and the nationality in turn.
4.3 Have a look at the screen. Listen to my reading first.
(слайд) ex.1b p.36 (затем читает 1 ученик)
Now answer the questions.
Where is Natasha from?
What is her nationality?
What languages can she speak?
What languages can’t she speak?
Tell about yourself in the same form.
( учащиеся составляют рассказ о себе)
4.4 Translate.
1. Как тебя зовут?
2.Сколько тебе лет?
3.Откуда ты?
4. Кто ты по национальности?
5. Как называется твоя страна?
And now make the dialogues.
2.5 Now have a look on page 36. These are cartoon characters. Your task is to ask where they are from, answer and say what nationality they are.
V Самостоятельная работа. (слайды)
На выполнение каждого задания отводится 2 минуты.
Open your exercise books. Put down the date and do the tasks.
I Choose the correct words.
She is France/ French.
Anna is from Poland/ Polish.
Fred is from Japan/ Japanese.
Marcos is Greece/ Greek.
My friends are from Great Britain/ British.
II Complete
Country Nationality
Great Britain 6)
Germany 7)
8) Russian
Japan 9)
France 11)
Spain 12)
13) Chinese
14) Greek
III Complete with What/ Where/ How
15) ---------is he from?
16)----------old is your friend?
17)---------nationality are they?
VI Подведение итогов.
Dear children the time is up. You have done much hard work. Exchange your exercise books, take your pencils and check.
I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.
V Homework.Put down your homework.
Ex.5 p.37 (read, answer the questions in the written form)

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