Князева М. А. – учитель I квалификационной категории,
Бушуева А. С. - учитель I квалификационной категории МАОУ «Гимназия №76», г. Набережные Челны.
« The real driving force behind dramatic arts is what it does for the emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities of the student…»
R. Jensen
The students of our school are very motivated in learning the English language as they travel a lot and are open to new knowledge and experience. But how can we, teachers, help them to show and express their inner world here and develop their talents? The answer to this question became the first step to incipience of Drama club in our school.
School Theatre club is a process-oriented after-school drama club in which students rehearse and perform a scripted play. Students in Drama Club learn the basics of stagecraft, self discipline and the importance of hard work, creativity and imaginative play, listening and observation skills, and self confidence.
Did You Know?
•After-school programs help improve school attendance.
•Participation in drama improves reading comprehension, problem solving, and communication skills.
•83% of parents want their children to participate in some form of drama program.
Drama club was organized in 2014. It is an extra-curricular activity for selected students in grades 3-8 in our school. The main purpose of the club is to stimulate an interest in English. Besides Drama Club learns about acting, play production, and stage work. Drama club is very involved in the production of the two annual theatrical presentations at school: the winter play and the spring musical. Last year students succeeded in performing such plays as «Cinderella», «Alice in Wonderland».
This year two plays were shown at our school stage. The winter play was devoted to Christmas and it was a fascinating fairy tale called «Christmas in Ozland». The diamond jubilee performance of Dame Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap was the foundation of creation of our own stage script version. It was the first experience for our children to act in a detective story. Our students enjoyed the rewards that came with working together to achieve a common goal.

«Mousetrap» by A. Christie
Scene 1
Narrator: It was cold. The sky was dark and heavy with unshed snow.
Paperboy: Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Extra! Extra!
Narrator: Two women were murdered in London some days ago. The police investigate this crime. They found a note with the childish rhyme about three blind mice. The man in a dark overcoat, a light Homburg hat and a woolen scarf wanted.
Scene 2
Mr. и Mrs. Davis are in their Guest House.
Mrs. Davis (Molly): Hello, my darling. Why are you so late?
Mr. Davis: Oh, dear. It has been snowing for 2 days. All roads are in snow and it`s difficult to reach our guest house.
Molly: Would you like a cup of tea? All guests have arrived.
The telephone is ringing.
Molly: Yes? Monkswell Manor Guest House.Voice : Sergeant Hogben Berkshire Police.
Molly: Oh, yes – er, yes?
Hogben: We`re sending out an inspector Trotter.
Molly: But why? What have we done? …
Mr. Davis (David): Cheer up, sweetheart. It must be something really urgent.
Detective Sergeant Trotter appears.
Trotter: Good day! What nasty weather today! Detective Sergeant Trotter.
Molly: He can`t be a Sergeant! He`s too young!
Trotter: I want a word with all your guests.
Molly: Wait, please! I`ll call them.
Mr. Wren: Anything happened?
Trotter: Can you introduce yourself?
Mr. Wren: I`m Wren, Christopher Wren. Now don`t laugh! My parents were a romantic couple. They hoped I`d be an architect.
Trotter: Take your seat, please.
Major Metcalf: Brrr. My fingers are so cold I cannot feel them.
A stamping sound was heard.
Mr. Davis: Come in here. It`s warm. Meet Major Metcalf.
Major Metcalf: Nice to meet you! I was of my service in India. At last I`m here to have a rest a little bit. May I have a cup of coffee, please?
Molly: Here you are. And what about you, Mr. Paravicini?Mr. Paravicini: With great pleasure, Mrs. Davis! My car overturned in a snowdrift, you know. I got myself out and was making my way as best as I could along the road when I saw your board. It was like an answer to prayer.
Trotter: Are you a foreigner?
Mr. Paravicini: Oh, yes! I am an Italian businessman.
Murder`s Sister: I visited Italy 2 years ago.
Mr. Paravicini: And who are you?
Sister: My name`s Miss Brown. I`m a seller in the bookshop. Finally what`s the matter?
Trotter: I`ve got a simple question for you: Where were you yesterday evening when the murder of Mrs. Boyle occurred.
Mr. Wren: Murder? I like murder! As for me, I was in the bedroom to change my clothes.
Mr. Davis: I was examining the telephone and my wife was cooking in the kitchen.
Major Metcalf: It`s a trap but I don`t see how. It seems to me just nonsense if you think about me. I was in the cellar.
Sister: You laugh and smile – you`re like a cat playing with a mouse – playing… (giggling) If you ask me, I was playing the childish melody. The tune of Three Blind Mice got into my head.
Trotter (cleared his throat): I took certain statements from you all a short time ago. Those statements related to your positions at the time when the murder of Mrs. Boyle occurred. Mr. Wren and Mr. Davis were in their separate bedrooms. Mrs. Davis was in the kitchen. Major Metcalf was in the cellar. Mr. Paravicini was here in this room –
(He looked from face to face. Nobody spoke.)
Trotter: Four of you are speaking the truth – one is lying. I have a plan that may help me to discover the liar. And if I discover that one of you lied to me – then I know who the murder is.
Mr. Davis: What` the idea, man? You`ve just said you`ve no means of checking these statements?Major Metcalf: Bah…Reconstruction of the crime. Foreign idea.Trotter: Not a reconstruction of the crime, Major Metcalf. A reconstruction of the movements of apparently innocent people.Molly: You want a repeat performance?
Trotter: More or less, Mrs. Davis. The same actions will be performed as on the former occasion – but they will not necessarily be performed by the same people.
Mr. Davis: I – don`t see the point of that.
Trotter: There is a point, Mr. Davis. I will assign you your various stations. Mrs. Davis will be here – at the piano. Mr. Wren, will you kindly go to the kitchen? Just keep an eye on Mrs. Davis`s dinner. Mr. Paravicini, will you go to Mr. Wren`s bedroom? Major Metcalf, will you go up to Mr. Davis`s bedroom and examine the telephone there? And you, Mrs. Davis, will you look into the cupboard in the hall and then go down the cellar?... Count up to fifty and then begin to play, Mrs. Davis.
Molly: Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty.
Three Blind Mice
See how they run…
Trotter: Thank you, Mrs. Davis.
Molly: Have you got what you wanted?
Trotter: Yes, indeed. I`ve got exactly what I wanted.
Molly: Which? Who?
Trotter: Don`t you know, Mrs. Davis? You`ve left me hunting about the third victim. As a result, you`ve been in serious danger.
Molly: Me? I don`t know what you mean.
Trotter: I mean that you haven`t been honest with me, Mrs. Davis.
Molly: I don`t understand.
Trotter: Oh, yes, you do. Your name was Wainwright, wasn`tit?
Molly: Yes.
Trotter: You were the schoolteacher at Abbeyvale school.
Molly: Yes! And how did you know that?
Trotter: The child who died managed to get a letter posted to you. His name was George. The letter begged for help – help from his kind teacher. You ignored the letter.
Molly: Stop! I was ill – with pneumonia. I never saw the letter until after the child was dead. It`s been a nightmare to me, always.
Trotter took a revolver out of his pocket. He was smiling now, happily.
Trotter: But you see, Mrs. Davis, I`m not a policeman. I`m Jim. I`m Georgie`s brother. That nasty woman sent us to Longridge Farm and the farmer`s wife was cruel to us, and you wouldn`t help us – three blind mice. I said then I`d kill you all when I grew up.
Molly: But, Jim, listen. You`ll never get safely away.
Sister: Jim, don`t you recognize me? I`m your sister. We were separated when our brother George died. I see you`re ill. You need my help. We`ll go abroad and I`ll take care of you.
Major Metcalf: Mr. Davis!
Mr. Davis: Darling, oh, how are you?
Molly: I’m quite all right!
Major Metcalf: Frankly speaking, I’m a police officer. I knew that the murder would betray himself. But I must go now.
Mr. Davis: Oh, dear, here is an anniversary present for you.
Molly: And this is for you, my sweetheart.
Christopher Wren: There’s a terrible smell of burning from the kitchen.
Molly: My pie!

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