Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 3 классе

I Выберите правильную форму в Present Simple:
It often rain / rains in summer.
Do / does your parents often buy you chocolate?
She play / plays tennis.
They does not /do not go to school on Sunday.
Does / do your friend often write letters?
He listens / listen to music.
She do not /does not drink coffee.
Does /do he clean teeth every day?
I do / does my homework every day.
They sometimes visit /visits their friends.
II Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Past Simple
1 .I _________ (get up) at 6 o`clock yesterday.
2. She _______ (watch) TV last week.
3. They ________ (have) breakfast at 7 o`clock yesterday.
4. He ________ (play) football last month.
5. We ________ (go) shopping last weekend.
6. You ________ (walk) in the park last Saturday.
7. I ________ (see) my friend last month.
8. Не ________(listen) to music yesterday.
9. They ________ (come) home at 8 o`clock yesterday evening.
10.We ________ (ski) last winter.
III Выберите правильную форму в Present Continuous(am/is/are):
1.We are /am watching TV now.
2.He are / is reading a book now.
3.They is / are not swimming now.
4.She is / am playing computer games.
5.I am / is not running now.
IV Поставьте was / were
1.My uncle ___________ in Moscow last year.
2.The pupils ___________ not in the stadium yesterday.
3.___________ your parents at home yesterday?
4.___________ his sister happy yesterday?
5.They ___________ at party last week.
V Выберите правильное слово :
1. … comes after winter.
a. Summer b. Winter c. Spring
2. There are … seasons in the year.
a. three b. four c. five
3. The English celebrate Christmas in … .
a. June b. January c. December
4. There is usually a lot of fruit in … .
a. summer b. autumn c. spring
5. … months are June, July, August.
a. winter b. spring c. summer
VI Соедините предложения :
On the 25th of December there is … (____)
People give each other … (____)
Presents for children are … (____)
The traditional English dinner on Christmas day is… (____)
During Christmas in Trafalgar Square … (____)
a. presents and send Christmas cards.
b. roast turkey and Christmas pudding.
c. the greatest holiday-Christmas.
d. there is a Christmas tree.
e. in their stockings.

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