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Hollywood is a district in Los Angelis, California, the United States of America. Hollywood is known as a center in the cinema industry. The history of Hollywood begins for a long time - the first Spanish conquerors have appeared in this area where then radical Americans lived. In 1870th on place of Hollywood was a territory for agriculture. Soon the ranch had got streets and the apartment houses were sold by owners - all of them have turned today to parkways and the main streets of Hollywood. What is the Hollywood now? A great number of movie studios are situated here as well as many movie stars have their houses in Hollywood. This centre of the world film industry - here acts in film the majority of films, to this studio today imitate. Its huge letters placed on a hill are known to everyone, and world stars of Hollywood are shown on each television channel of the world. The main sightseeing of Hollywood is Hollywood Walk of Fame. It consists of more than 2400 five-pointed stars on the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. The stars are permanent public monuments for achievements in the entertainment industry. The stars have the names of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical groups and even fictional characters. Hollywood is a very popular tourist destination. The main sights of Hollywood Building Capitol Records - a 13-storeyed building of musical label Capitol Records Hollywood Walk of Fame - are sidewalks in Hollywood, suburb of Los Angeles, lasting along the Hollywood parkway and Vain-street. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - it is constructed in 1927. It ranks as number of historical sights of a city The largest film studios 10 best actresses of "Golden Age" of Hollywood 10 best actors of "Golden Age" of Hollywood Films which were included into fund of world culture «Deep Throat» «Frankenstein» «New Times» «The Jazz Singer» 1927 «Singin‘ in the Rain» 1952 «Dr. Strangelove» 1964 «Easy Rider» 1969 «Godfather»«Rain Man» «The Birth Of a Nation» 1915 «Titanic»

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