Cinema in Russia

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Cinema in Russia выполнила студентка 11 группыМизюнЛюбовь The spreading of cinematography in russia started with the demonstration of lumiere brothers film in may 1896 The film making industry developed mainly in St.Petersburg and in Moscow Development is firmly connected with the name of a. Khanzhonkov In the 20s the stars of silent films were. V. kholodnaya, V. Polonski, V. Mashkov and others .the most popular genres of russian films were historic films and screen versions of famous novels such as aelita by a.tolstoi and quiet flows the don by m.sholokhov .the first sound films simultaneously appeared in three countries the ussr,usa,and germany at the end of the 1920s. The tortoise and Aibolit 66 .the names of N. Mikhalkov, A.Konchalovski and A.Tarkovski are known all over the world as creators of unforgettable, realistic pieces of art. Thank you for your attention!

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