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Phonographby Olshevskiy Vladimir group 410 History of creationIn 1877, Thomas Edison registered his phonograph in the Bureau of Inventions. The advent of the phonograph led to general amazement. Demonstration of the first device was performed in the journal "Scientific American." The inventor himself has seen eleven promising areas for the application of the phonograph: record of letters, books, training eloquence, music, family scrapbook, writing speeches, advertisements and announcements region, watches, foreign languages, writing lessons, phone connection. How it works?Speech, music and singing creates sound vibrations that are transmitted to a recording phonograph needle. The needle onto a surface of the rotating wax roll, leaves on it groove with variable depth - soundtrack. When you play a sound process is reversed: the needle moving on the groove and vibrates at the same frequency as the recorded sound. These vibrations are converted into sound.

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