Презентация к уроку в 5 классе «London Eye»

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There are a lot of interesting places in London. All of them are worth seeing. But I am sure that the best place to start with …
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…is the London Eye. It is also called Millennium Wheel. Actually it was built as a landmark for the new millennium. And it was formally opened on the thirty – first of December, 1999.
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The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the bank of the River Thames. It is 135 meters tall and its diameter is 120 meters. And it is Europe's tallest Ferris wheel.
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It consists of thirty-two capsules and each can hold up twenty-five people.
Слайд 5
The flight takes around 30 minutes and from the glass capsules it is possible to have wonderful views over London.
Слайд 6
You can see some of the London famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace,
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The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben,
Слайд 8
St. Paul's Cathedral, the list is endless…
Слайд 9
What is the best time of day to go? It all depends on the weather of course. On a bright clear day the views will be great.
Слайд 10
But the most favourite is dusk when the sun's going down…
Слайд 11
or night-time when the lights of London are coming on.
Слайд 12
It is especially beautiful at Christmas!!! And on the New Year’s Eve!!!
Слайд 13
It is definitely worth seeing!!! Thank you for your attention!

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