Enjoy English 5-6 Exit Test

Enjoy English 5-6 Exit Test
Choose the right item:
The _________ is usually hot and sunny in summer.
temperature B. weather C. days
Tim’s birthday is ________ the 12th _______ October.
On, of B. on, ____ C. in, of
Our family is close and ________ .lovely B. loved C. loving
Sally always ________ a cup of tea in the evening.
have B. has C. had
London is the ________ of the UK.
capital B. city C. town
I _________ to the cinema recently.
wasn’t B. didn’t go C. haven’t been
Mike is not a very good student. He’s too _______.
hard-working B. lazy C. clever
Rose is really _________ playing the piano.
fond of B. fond about C. fond on
Last weekend my friends and I ________ at the zoo.
are B. were C. have been
My little brother can make his bed ________.
Yourself B. heself C. himself
Mary is my mother’s sister. She’s my ________.
aunt B. cousin C. grandmother
Look! The children _________ funny pictures.
draw B. are drawing C. drawing
Our city is situated on _____ Volga. It’s ______ very long river.
the, a B. __, a C. the, ___
Christie ______ like horror films.
isn’t B. don’t C. doesn’t
We _______ go to the village. We have a house there.
never B. often C. rarely
Goodbye. See you ______ Monday.
on B. at C. in
She ______ lunch at school today.
has B. is having C. have
________ you usually walk to school?
Do B. Did C. Are
Madame Tussaud’s is a famous __________ museum.
history B. waxworks C. art
I try to do all my homework ________ but sometimes mum helps me.
yourself B. itself C. myself
My friend Alice lives in _____ USA. Her home town is _____ Boston.
the, ___ B. the, a C. the, the
The students have _________ finished doing this exercise.
lately B. just C. never
My sister is ______ on taking photos.
keen B. interested C. crazy
My hobby is _______ to music.
listen B. listened C. listening
Beth is Kate’s mother and John is her father. They are her ________.
relatives B. parents C. friends
The Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin is in Minin ________.A. square B. street C. monument
When I was in Moscow, I _______ a lot of tourists from different countries.
have seen B. see C. saw
_______ Rita sing well?
Do B. Does C. Is
We read the story “The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy” last week, _______?
did we B. read we C. didn’t we
Next week summer holidays __________.
begin B. will begin C. begins

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