Эссе на английском языке «Роль английского языка в моей будущей профессии»»

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ГАПОУ «Альметьевский
политехнический техникум»
Гараев Газинур Руководитель: преподаватель
Английского языка
Фатхуллина А.А.
The English language will help me in my future profession
It is no secret what role English plays nowadays. English is everywhere, in every branch of industry. But not everybody thinks that English will be of service to them.
As for me, I am sure that English knowledge will help me in my future profession as an oilman. Firstly, in present situation of crisis and oil price downturn, most of oil companies have to fire their workers. In this case the English knowledge becomes the competitive advantage of a modern oilman. Moreover, there is an additional salary for the knowledge of English in the oil company “Tatneft”.
Unfortunately, not all my groupmates share my position. The most essential argument against it is import substitution. Practically all oil equipment and computer programs in the oilfields are Russian, so you can hardly meet English at work. What is more, they believe that Chinese will soon become more actual than English.
To a certain extent it is true, but still English is an international language and 30% of oil equipment is in English, so not every oilman will be able to work with it. But if an oilman knows English, he will be able to read any specification or manual in the original, and avoid mistakes in translation.
In conclusion, I can say that although there are different points of view on this problem, English offers a lot of interesting opportunities. So it is up to you to decide whether English is important for you or not.

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