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32917711878standard training
tailor-made courses
short- / long-term courses
refresher courses
induction courses
an intensive set of training courses
a course in…
course of training
on-the-job training
internal training
further training
hands-on training
“sandwich courses”
to attend a range of courses
to pick up the necessary skills
to teach key skills
to develop core skills
to run training courses in … skills
to become a trainee with the company
to give sb. a thorough knowledge
to get training
to give a chance to grow and develop
to train sb. in … skills
to have a hands-on approach
to gain the skills which will allow sb. to succeed personally and professionally
to benefit from the course
to place a lot of emphasis on getting professional qualifications
to meet the learning goals
to meet sb’s needs
to focus on … skill
to learn efficiently
to have properly trained staff
to do sb’s job competently
to improve sb’s professionalism
professional development
professional qualifications
to measure the Return On Investment figure

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