Лексическая таблица «Job description»

to hold a post of…
to get / loose a good position of..
to occupy leading positions
to have a position as…
financial director; sakes / personnel ~
commercial / sales / brand manager
a member of the local management team RESPONSIBILITIES / WORKLOAD
to have managerial responsibility for a division
to give / supply information to the top level of management in the company
to produce reports
to have a general business management role
to set / achieve objectives
to run / terminate contracts
to coordinate the project works
to be in / outside one’s competence
to keep correspondence with business partners
to give instructions
to supervise the personnel performance
to improve a system of encouragement-material and moral stimulus
to evaluate marketing activity of a company
to prepare and develop measures on advancing services of ___ in the market
to analyze opportunities of diversification
to analyze existing and possible future markets
to prepare sales campaigns and literature
to visit potential and existing clients to market services
to identify and resolve project issues and risks
to be responsible for execution of sales-financial plan
to carry out administrative work
to keep abreast of what competitors are doing
to motivate and monitor the performance of the team
to organize the work of…
to take part in negotiations with important partners
to supervise all the activities that facilitate thesmooth running of the office
to conduct appraisals
to be in charge of…
to be responsible for…
to tackle with..
to deal with…
to head sth.
to make sb. responsible for sth.
to carry out one’s duties
to look after ______ (e.g. the financial affairs)
to be involved in ______(the financial aspects / regular discussions / various projects)

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