Лексическая таблица «Job Satisfaction»

I really like…
For me, … is very important because…
One of the things I think is essential is… because…
I don’t think… is so important because… 267779547625working in teams
challenging work
company’s reputation
good working atmosphere
level of responsibility
opportunities for promotion
perks / benefits
opportunities to travel
a really interesting area to work in
diverse job
to get plenty of chances to do new things
to work to a fixed timetable
40005114300to find the innovations fascinating
to break out of work mode
to feel really comfortable and be oneself
to feel part of sth.
to be open and receptive of each other’s ideas
to give a feeling of accomplishment / achievement
to stretch sb.
to be able to work out what a client needs and do it
to have a very strong culture in the company
to thrive on the freedom
to be able to make sb’s own choices / own decisions
to develop oneself
to manage working time oneself
to allow sb to work in …
to give sb a chance to work in …
to be satisfied with…
to get used to working goals and targets and meeting the deadlines
to give a feeling of accomplishment / achievement

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