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to use / to employ PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES:
direct mail
free gifts = promotional giveaways
free samples (accompanied with all sorts of literature)
newspaper articles
point-of-sales display
sponsorship / perimeter advertisement
commercials / media advertising / press release
on-line games
public relations
product placement / hidden advertisement
billboard / hoarding / banner
street furniture
consumer promotion
cross promotion
effective sales promotion to carry out market research
to launch sth.
for sbto introduce sb’s brand
to launch with a powerful promotional plan to make it appeal to sbto build a brand
to develop a brand
to be the target audience in a promotional campaign
to use marketing ploys / most common ploys
to bring the product to the attention of the public
to hype (up) the centrepiece of the promotion
to focus on sth.
yo capitalise on sth/
to reinvent sth /sb. = to change sth / sb radically
to face competition from the most unexpected quarters
to be complacent = to be relaxed, not worried about dangers
to describe the virtues of the product
to be the most cost-effective way of extending your customer base
to reward loyal customers
to attract new customers
to have little lasting effect on sales volumes
to track customers’ buying habits
to offer more variety
to invest heavily in promotion
to model the business on direct sales
to take necessary measures to ensure that…
brand awareness
brand association
brand image
brand loyalty
to be brand conscious
to be a brand-switcher
to be a straightforward guarantee of quality and consistency
to become a storehouse of trust
to simplify sb’s lives
3427730139065to sell a life style or personality
to appeal to emotions
to pay a premium
to have a higher profit margin
to have an increase in general brand awareness
to help consumers to buy efficiently
to be aspirational brand
to be wildcat brand = generics
to be up-market / down market brand
to have a word-of-mouth reputation

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